If you give a mouse a cookie…

For those of you that have that entire book series at your house, you’ll appreciate this post.

If you take a stroll through Pottery Barn, you’ll find something you have to buy.

And, if you buy it, you’ll have to bring it home and see how it looks in your office.

When you do, you’ll realize you need to move some pictures.

When you move the pictures, you’ll see that you need to touch up the walls with paint.

After you paint, you’ll notice that the paint is so stinking old, it doesn’t match anymore.

So, you’ll have to go to Lowe’s and buy more paint, and paint the whole room again.

After you paint the room, you’ll decide to move some things around.

And…when you move some things around, it will remind you that you need to take another stroll through Pottery Barn.

And, THAT is the story of our weekend 🙂

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