Snapshots: Garden!

The kids were beside themselves with glee when Scott came home this evening. They raced outside to witness a garden that needed planting…and plant they did. Well, at least 5 minutes or so until I yelled out that dinner was ready and they all abandoned Scott. Hey, at least we tried. We may live in the ‘burbs, but gosh darn it, our kids are going to understand and appreciate agriculture. Mom, Dad, aren’t you proud? Our agriculture degrees are paying off in our little 6×6 plot here in Pa-flugerville. Oh, notice the shorts the kids are wearing? Yep, “winter” here in Texas is really cold, 65!

Clare eating grass. After one handful, she decided it wasn’t as good as it looks.

Good shot of Will’s cast – told ya there wasn’t much room left to sign!

Anna-Laura just looked so serious in this one that I couldn’t help but smile when taking it.

Well, they lasted through the onions, then everybody bailed on ‘ol Dad. He was left to plant the carrots, lettuce, spinach and beets.

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