Date Night! Sleepover!

My folks had us all down (us and Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda) for a fantabulous Valentine’s Dinner. The best part? They had a chef, Hallie, come in, cook dinner, serve AND clean up. Ok, actually, that was the second best part. The best part was they kept 3 kids and we took home Clare. What a deal! And, the cannoli was delish. Scott and I headed back home and enjoyed a nice QUIET evening. We don’t get those often. Thanks Mom and Dad. We hear they had quite a party at 0530 the next day. But, Nana cooked her world-famous pancakes, so the natives came home very happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Again!

Daniel not loving the appetizers with onions…

The kids eating them like there was no tomorrow…

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  1. aunt amanda on February 18, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Look at that tiny tv behind Bill… 🙂

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