I love my husband

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love my husband? He took down all the outside Christmas decorations…with no complaints!! And, if the looks of the neighborhood are any indication, Christmas is officially over. But, we still have our traveling wisemen and they don’t arrive in Bethlehem until Epiphany Sunday, January 6. A couple of years ago, we started that tradition and the kids love it. Every night we “move” the wisemen and the kids have to find them. Each night they get closer to Bethlehem, until they arrive, 12 days after Christmas. Ring any bells?

So, back to why I love Scott…we’re on our way home tonight from a friend’s house and the backseat is lively, shall we say? Clare is screaming (code for ‘get me out of this carseat, will ya?’), Will is trying to sleep, but John Paul keeps poking him and yelling, YELLING, “Will wake up!!” And, Anna-Laura is singing some song in Swahili crossed with Toddlerese at THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. Scott and I just smiled at each other and didn’t say a word. Ah, the look of understanding. He is a great man not because he drove that circus home, but because he bathed and put them all to bed.

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