Christmas – Part II

On Christmas Eve, we made THE cookies for Santa. Baking cookies with the kids is kind of my thing. I love baking and it reminds me of my 4-H days with my mom…

After Mass, we headed home and had a fabulous (if I do say so myself) seafood/shrimp dinner with pasta and garlic bread. This is a new family tradition. All we heard from the kids was nothing but forks hitting the plates. We might try this for breakfast. As a sidenote to Mass, I was completely impressed with the boys. We arrived super early and got great seats. The girls – not so much. We spent most of the hour walking outside. Praise God for good Texas December weather. Fortunately, we were in good company. I’ve never seen so many exasperated parents in my life. But, we survived and the true Christmas season is now upon us.

Opening presents was so much fun, really. I think Scott and I just smiled at the kids’ reactions. Case in point:

JOHN PAUL (ripping into a package): Awesome!

DAD: What is it?

JOHN PAUL: I don’t know!

We tried something new this year, thanks to a suggestion of one of Scott’s co-workers. Before we opened presents, we prayed over them, thanking the givers, those that made the gifts and the jobs they provided to many. It was a wonderful addition and a good reminder that it ain’t about the gifts, folks. Hopefully, that message is taking hold in our kiddos.

After presents, we prepared for the arrival of Santa Claus. Exciting stuff. The cookies had to be arranged just so, as did the milk. And, the reindeer food. The reindeer food must be mixed to its proper consistency of oats and magic dust. I think the kids got it just right.

We celebrated in grand fashion on Christmas morning. Lots of family and laughter and perhaps a sentimental moment or two. On to pictures…


  1. Tobie on December 27, 2007 at 2:20 pm

    To quote John Paul…”awesome!”

    Now those of us who live far far away can stay current on the TEAM.

    Have a terrific New Year.

    Love, MLou

  2. Kathryn on December 28, 2007 at 4:50 am

    y’all too…welcome to the blog!

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