Happy 8th to the Baby of the Family!

The baby is eight, y’all. Eight. Scott asked me this morning if I was going to dust off the blog and write her a letter. I hemmed and hawed all day long and finally decided to do it.

If birth stories are your thing, you might love this one. But, if you’re a fan of videos that make you wonder if your allergies are acting up, then this is for you.

Enough of that. Let’s get to the letter.

Dear Gianna,

This past year we have really seen your personality blossom. You sing country songs, mimic Tik Tok dances (thanks to the older siblings) and say the funniest things. A few months ago, your older brother was showing off his biceps, which turned into a friendly competition between older brothers. But, you took it a step further, pointing to each person at the table and saying loudly, SHOW US, complete with hand motions and sassy head tilt. We are still laughing.

You love to read and boy are we thankful. It took a little longer, but with great help from your school and your siblings, you are really taking off.

Recently, you have found your independence and refuse to let us do anything for you. It’s mostly endearing, sometimes sanctifying.

Your love of queso hasn’t waned one bit, in fact, I think it’s gotten stronger. When your Godfather brings over smoked queso, you eat half on the spot. In another year, you’ll be gearing up for First Communion (I am not ready. I am not ready.) and you can hardly wait.

There isn’t a van ride we take without your beloved baby and carrier. And, you always ask if you can bring along your backpack, stuffed with random paper, pens/pencils, books and anything else you’ve “picked up” from around the house. Speaking of that, if we’re missing anything, we always check your room. You squirrel away more things…

I think your two speeds are slow and slower. Getting dressed, eating breakfast, picking up the playroom. None of it gets done without a lot of prodding. We are all learning to grow in patience with you, ha!

My office furniture is covered in your doodles, papers you’ve cut and snacks. So many snacks. You can legit destroy a room in 5 minutes flat. We are all in awe of how well you do that.

You spend your days “teaching” your animals, reading books, coloring on my furniture, sneaking gummy bears, eating strawberries, antagonizing Luke, changing outfits, watching Dude Perfect and giving big hugs. Nobody loves quite like you.

Thank God you’re ours.




  1. Dorothy Nicol on May 7, 2022 at 12:57 pm

    Oh what a beautiful description of your baby girl! I have a great nephew turning 8 in July . In about 15 to 20 years is it ok if I ship him off to Texas to meet Gianna?☺️He is strong Catholic boy who prays the rosary with us when he stays over! Love watching your kids grow up!!

  2. Nicole on May 19, 2022 at 8:23 am

    Gosh you make some cute babies. I love this letter and how is really portrays her spunk and shows the love you all have for her. I hope she had an amazing birthday!

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