A First Communion Bash

When we sacrament, you can bet there will be a party. Luke’s First Communion was a MAJOR cause for celebration. After the big day, we hosted friends and family back at the house. I think there were 30-ish?!

A few weeks ago, I shared an Instagram Live about how I prepare for parties and how I believe anyone can be a hostess. It’s true! I do! But the main message is this: don’t let the size of your house, your budget, your personality type or your fear hold you back from opening your home to people you love. People come to see you, not how clean you keep your toilets. #truestory

We cooked fajitas for the main meal and had those (almost) ready when folks arrived. Mama forgot to put them in the warming oven before we left. No worries, the libations and guacamole kept everyone content. We served all the fixings, guacamole, Texas caviar and fruit salad along with just about any beverage you can think of – tea, punch, beer, water and Dr Pepper (duh). And, we finally broke in our YETI coolers! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, hang tight, that blog post is coming on Saturday!

The dessert/gift table was just as fun with lots of sugar and lots of beauty. Olga and Kendra have been helping us celebrate milestones at our house for years. They are such gifted bakers and creators. The icing on the cake was Luke’s first communion bowl from Clarey Clayworks. Love her stuff! For the flowers, I just walked into King Florist here in Austin and checked out what flowers they had in their coolers. I’m a hack when it comes to arranging, but it’s definitely cheaper than buying pre-made arrangements (and a heck of a lot more fun!).

At the urging of a certain Godmother, a taco hat was purchased. As we were browsing the aisles at Party City, I told her under no uncertain terms did we need a taco hat. And guess what came home with us? That, and a dozen cans of silly string and a Lightening McQueen pinata filled with ring pops and skittles. She’s pretty much the greatest Godmother ever {wink, wink}.

There were cousins – so many cousins – grandparents, NICU nurses, pediatric therapists and Dominican sisters here. Truly? The absolute best day. I would relive it a thousand times and it would still not be enough. On those days, you just have to bask in the joy. To everyone who helped us celebrate, you have no idea how happy you made our family. It was a precious memory to share this day with you.

Right after we cleaned up from the bash, Will jumped in the shower and put on his best suit for junior/senior prom. Hey, we like to do fun things in doubles around here.

Vendor credits
Cake: Polkadots
Cookies: Sweet Spot Cookie Shoppe
Flowers: (arranged by me) King Florist

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  1. Nicole on June 29, 2018 at 8:50 am

    That cake! Those cookies! That smile on that young man’s face 🙂 Looks like it was a great celebration for you all!

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