Sweet G is FOUR!

If I’m being honest, it feels like we’ve had Gianna a lot longer than four years. She is the sunshine in our house. I remember her birth with the sweetest and tenderest of memories. She healed us, in so, so many ways. Today, I’ll share the annual birthday letter. Let’s get to it.

Oh, and if you’re one for birth videos (the sweet kind!) then I hope you’ll love this one as much as I do (video at the bottom). h/t to the world’s best birth photographer, Leilani.

Dear Gianna/Sweet G/Gigi/G-Money,

Happy fourth birthday, big girl! Each and every day really does get better with you. I think I’m finally starting to understand why it is that the baby never gets into trouble. But really, you are practically perfect in every way.

You sleep like a rock, clocking a solid 12 hours at night and still napping in the afternoon. You awake happy and ready to take on the day. If you aren’t smiling, it means you’re sick because that’s the only thing that can keep you down!

The kids have learned not to leave out homework, and I’ve learned to hide the queso. You’re a bit of a tornado and a chip hog when it comes to those two things. Your favorite things to eat are chips and queso and tortillas. Texas, my work here is done.

You’re finally talking {insert praise hands here} and now we can’t get you to be quiet. You’re notorious for singing the “A-B-C” song during Mass or when praying the Friday morning mom’s rosary. I was the most surprised parent on the planet when you busted out all the words and hand motions at your PK spring play this year. Boy, have you come out of the shy shell this year.

The kids still fight over holding you and there is never a shortage of arms to oblige. Aren’t you lucky? You’re warming up to animals, but prefer your play puppies over the real thing. That soft pink blanket you have is your constant companion, as are your cowboy boots, your baby and any cell phone you find lying around. Yes, you’re still the master of selfie taking and almost every device in the house has a good 155-photo burst, or five, on it.

Llama Llama, Boss Baby, Sing and Trolls are your favorite shows. Hey, at least it isn’t that annoying Caillou. Of course, you are a huge fan of Space Jam (hey 1992!) and DudePerfect. That’s a big hat tip to the older brothers in the house. You “pound it” and “noggin” with the best of them, along with fist bumping and shoulder punching.

We adore the way you say, “I can’t want that,” when you aren’t interested in eating something. And, you always have a “seriously” with an eyebrow raise and a perfectly poised hand on the hip. No idea where that comes from. Ahem. You often say, “Oh, I’m SO sorry,” when you have an accident. I mean, who can be mad at that?

Your curls are still intact. I’ve stayed true to my promise of not cutting your hair. It hasn’t since a pair of scissors yet. I’m thinking of holding out until kindergarten. You’re only little once.

I’m cherishing this last year of you in my house. This fall you’ll be at preschool three days a week and then it’s off with the bigs in Fall 2019. That will be here before I’m ready, no doubt.

Until then, thanks for being my errand buddy, my right-hand kiddo and the one who still says, “Mommy, I love you SO much,” at just the moment I need to hear it. G, you are an absolute delight. Some scoff at having a baby in your 40s. I’m so grateful we took the leap and listened to God’s wise words. You’re a ray of sunshine and hope here at Team Whitaker.

Love you big, G. Let’s make four awesome!




  1. Sandy on May 7, 2018 at 8:51 am

    So beautiful! It is definitely a journey when you have a child at 40. I had my sweet Bella a week before my 40th. She will be 5 this year. It has been an adventure for us because our other children range in age from 26 to 18. This year I am preparing for high school graduation in a few weeks & the beginning of Pre-K in a few months. I am on an emotional roller coaster for sure. Embrace every sweet moment.

  2. Nicole on May 7, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Aw – Happy birthday to your baby!
    I had my last baby at nearly 43. I always refer to her as my “bonus baby” and would not have it any other way! Having big kids when you have a little one is a special kind of wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Annie - XO, Annie on May 8, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    Happy (belated) birthday, sweet G!

    You’re always so darling and smiley! It’s a delight watching you grow up on your mom’s IG Stories.

    Team Whitaker/Katherine, this was a beautiful post. Thanks for letting us share such a momentous occasion. Blessings!

  4. Sonia on May 9, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! That video had me crying like a baby! Sooooo beautiful. I had our Camilla eight days after I turned 40. We were open to new life, despite people thinking we were a little crazy. Camilla is our “rainbow baby”. The year before, our only son was stillborn. We were devastated and heartbroken. I really thought that was it for us. We had three healthy girls and a son in Heaven and I was finally at peace with that. But I guess God had other plans and gave us Camilla. She brings us so much JOY and has helped heal our hearts. She just turned three last month. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your life.

  5. Verdina on May 25, 2018 at 10:11 am

    God bless you! As always, I’m totally in awe of your family!

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