Master Bath: Under Construction

Before we get to the big reveal on Monday (I know, I’m squealing, too), I always think it’s fun to see the guts of the project and just how far you’ve come.

This is what happens when you’re the daughter of a general contractor. My dad has been in the construction business his entire life, so I’ve walked more job sites than I can remember – from prisons to high-end residential. He instilled in me the desire to hold my subcontractors to a high standard, to make smart buying decisions and to expect excellence. Along the way, we learned a lot and I’m so very happy we were super involved with this project and all the subcontractors. Plus, I learned just how hand Mr. Whitaker really is. Answer: a lot.

We started with this…

Then, we gutted it to the studs. Yikes.

I wasn’t kidding.

It was zero fun just staring at the bathroom in its deconstructed state like that for several weeks. But, long game. Eye on the prize.

After electricity was roughed in, the walls were textured and painted, the plumbing moved and the space prepped for tile work, that’s when the magic happened.

And that’s where I’ll leave it for Monday. You’ll get the skinny on the how/why of all the design choices, the organization hacks we used, a list of local subcontractors we used (and loved!) and all the lessons we learned along the way. Oh, and lots and lots of photos.

Definitely those.

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