Numero Tres, Happy Birthday Gianna!

I had big plans to get this published this morning and, well, life. We had a beautiful day of celebrating with family and the party continues tomorrow as we host a joint confirmation/birthday party. You know us, there will be hard liquor, sweet tea, lots of good food and sweets. It’s how we sacrament.

If you’re the nostalgic kind, then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. Oh, and remember this? I’m sorry. I’ll stop. That’s enough rabbit hole for tonight.

Birthday letter, coming at ya.

Dear Gianna,

Or, should I say Gigi/Geejers/G-Money/Geejer McGeejerson? So many nicknames. So much love. When all your siblings can’t stand the sight of one another, they always love seeing you. You’re the glue in our family and we are so grateful God gave you to us.

This last year has been a big one for you. Last fall, you started Mother’s Day Out two mornings a week. You screamed like a banshee the first six weeks. As in, mom needs medication when walking away kind of screaming. It was brutal. Now, we say “school” and you run toward the van. 

Talking is still sloooow. But, you’re saying a few words like “airplane!” “bon paul!” and “go way!” Progress. I have full confidence by the fall you’ll be a talking machine. Potty training is on my list for this summer. We had such a good run with cloth diapers but when January hit, my fun meter was pegged. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are still a sleeping machine, hitting the sack early, rising late and taking a great afternoon nap. You must take after your mama. Bonus is you started sleeping with a lovey, so I’m officially six for six in the “get the kids to sleep with a blanket” department. That means Dad is the only odd man out. Ha!

Babies are your jam. Dogs? Notsomuch. If they’re in a cage, y’all are BFFs, otherwise, you’re out.

There isn’t a bread you don’t love. Tortillas, muffins, kolaches – as long as it’s not a vegetable, you’re golden. You also have a hankering for sweet tea. Wonder where that comes from??

If I can’t find you, you’re usually on my iPhone taking photos, on John Paul’s back being hauled around the house, reading with Clare in your room or helping Anna-Laura with her homework.

You’re seriously the light of our household. The fits haven’t come – yet – and I am really cherishing the time we have together while all the bigs are at school. There isn’t a piece of my heart you haven’t secured. And, I’m pretty sure the rest of the family feels the same.

Three is officially your number. Let’s go have an awesome year.

Love you, baby,



  1. Kathleen on May 7, 2017 at 7:49 am

    What a sweet tribute! I feel the same way about our youngest.. if the siblings are at odds with each other, they can always hang with the cute toddler!

  2. Suzanne on May 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Love the letter to your children on their birthday! Awesome way to celebrate a beautiful life blessed to you and your family by God above! May this new year of unfold many, many great moments!

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