Sightseeing for Jesus

So many times I think we ooh and aah over friends’ photos of faraway places we’d like to visit.

We see their beautiful European photographs, hear about their enriching South American travels, wish we could join them in architecturally stunning Russia, taste the Scandinavian food, see the beauty of Asia or simply be in Australia. But we forget that God has placed beauty right before us, in our own back yards.

Over on Blessed is She this month, several of us are guest blogging about beautiful spots to find Jesus right here in the U.S. of A. I was honored to share a bit about our day trip to the Central Texas painted churches. We did this during Holy Week a few years ago and it was such an awesome day!

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about regarding Central Texas' Painted Churches? These beautiful hidden gems are a Texas treasure. Time to pack up the car and get to exploring with your family!

Go, be a tourist where you live, and discover the beauty of God. The good news is, it won’t even cost you a plane ticket!

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