Just Call Her Speaker of the House

Every two years, Texas 4-H spreads the good news of Agrilife extension and the 4-H program at “Texas 4-H Day at the Capitol.” Because the Texas legislature is only in session every two years, it’s a big deal for all our 4-Hers!

Way back in the day, I served as a legislative page. So, when this special 4-H day rolls around, I typically give our representative’s office a call to see if they have any page slots open for one of my kids to serve. It’s 100% free and every representative gets ten slots per session with no more than eight total pages serving in a day. Plus, it gives my kids a personal experience with the legislative process. You can’t buy that kind of education.

Year one made quite the impression with Will. Who knew he’d run into this guy? Hey, I’m grateful he saw the goodness in him that day. He was so good to Will.

John Paul’s year was just spectacular. He banged that gavel like a pro.

Anna-Laura’s turn at paging was this year and she loved it so much at the end of the day, she remarked, “So, when do I get to do that again?”

To Rep. Tony Dale, thank you for making such an impression on my kids. You are so very kind and generous to our family. And, you serve us well in Central Texas.

The rest of my troops stayed busy visiting the House and Senate chambers, meeting new friends and stopping in to share the good news about 4-H with representatives and senators. They might’ve been most excited about the burgers at lunch. Will spent the day serving in a Tech Team role, meaning he documented the day in video and photos for Texas 4-H. He’s really thriving in that leadership role and it’s fun to see him interact with kids from around the state.

We even made time to stop by the Capitol extension’s rotunda to check out the rattlesnakes. And now I need a beer.

It’s always good to run into old college friends, too. Rep. Ashby was a yell leader with Scott back in the day. Oh the stories I could tell. But didn’t.

Texas 4-H, way to knock this one out of the park. Another great day!


  1. Carmen on February 26, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    You are my mom hero! 🙂

    • Kathryn on February 28, 2017 at 4:40 pm

      LOL. Can you tell my kids that?!

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