The Best of 2016

I always love the “best of” lists people write: best photos, best blog posts, best recipes, best everything. It’s such a glimpse into life, isn’t it? 2016 was beautiful, and hard, just like most years. With age, I’m starting to truly understand that no year is perfect, rather it’s our perspective that changes. We learn to soak up the joys and live in the moment for we know no milestones are guaranteed.

This was the first year, in nine years of blogging, that I haven’t religiously checked my blog stats. I think I just stopped caring so much about the numbers and started focusing more on what I was writing rather than how often I published it. For those that are new here, I’m so honored you found this space. For those that have been around for a while, I’m honored you stay. Truly. I can’t tell you how much I am humbled each time a blog reader emails me, or stops me at church, and says, “thanks for writing.” In the deep, dark vortex of the internet, I always wonder if what I’m saying ever gets read, and if it does, if it’s reaching anyone. So, thank you for being the best readers ever.

Best/Favorite Posts
There was a tiny chuckle as I pulled up the top five. All but one were written prior to 2016 and I suppose I can thank Pinterest for that. Ha! Below, I share a few “best of the best” in 2017 according to WordPress along with some of my favorites.

Disney, what’s not to love?

Looking for ways to make your Disney vacation affordable? These 10 ideas include things you can buy, make or borrow for your trip - from water bottles to ponchos, this list has it all.

My love for Catholic schools is apparent and this post really dispels some myths (I hope)

Interested in learning more about Catholic schools? If you think it might be the right place for your son or daughter, this post shares some of the biggest Catholic schools myths and why they just might have it all wrong.

Europe, we adored you. But, you don’t have to go across the pond to nurture your marriage.


Stellar still. Get those wands up.

A Stellar Star Wars Birthday

Allllll the Europe posts. I just can’t help myself. Those 9 days were magic. If you’re on IG, just click on the #TexasinEuropefor20


Hat Tip to these Referrers
Isn’t it fun when people who aren’t related to you share your stuff? I remember back when my readership was four people: my mom, my mother-in-law, my husband and me. Not kidding. My biggest thanks to Pinterest, Facebook, Blessed is She, Twitter and Carrots for Michaelmas for sending folks this way.

Pinners Unite
I do love me some St. Pinterest. These pins were tops and I love the variety.

Pin it! It’s true, I’ll always love Harry. Right Snape?

HP, blog_003

Pin it! I just can’t quit Disney.

Looking for ways to make your Disney vacation affordable? These 10 ideas include things you can buy, make or borrow for your trip - from water bottles to ponchos, this list has it all.

Pin it! Go ahead and get a head start on Lent this year.

Looking for ways to introduce the season of Lent to your children? These lenten tags, with ideas for prayer, fasting and alms giving, are simple ways to love the season. This free lenten printable is a tool to help you make the Lenten season meaningful, for you and y our children.

Pin it! Admittedly, this was my favorite, right behind Harry.

Looking for the perfect birthday theme for your one-year-old daughter? Enter Mary Poppins! This lovely party includes party food, simple DIY decor and crafts, party favors, invitation printables and a shirt that's simply spit spot. You'll wink, do a double blink and fall right back in love with Mary Poppins!

2017: What to Expect
Honestly? I have no idea. Some bloggers write to support their families (which I think is awesome), but I write because I love it. At present, I think the blog breaks even monetarily. A few years ago, I used to map out blog posts and try really hard to make what I wrote match up with the liturgical year, motherhood struggles or birthday party ideas. Now, I just write when I feel like it. That might mean you hit the jackpot and get three posts from me in one week, but it’s usually more like five or six a month. And I’m 100% okay with that. I hope you are, too!

I have no doubt you’ll see some birthday and party planning posts (poker night is coming in January!), raising teenagers, navigating driver’s ed, parenting toddlers, home improvement projects, getting fit and the usual sassy Kathryn. If there’s something you want me to tackle, put it in the comments. I’m always up for a challenge.

There are a few speaking engagements and radio shows on my calendar for the new year, namely the Jennifer Fulwiler show in late January, and the Austin diocese women’s conference in September. I promise not to make Jen cry like I did last time I was on the show. I’m helping plan and host the Blessed is She Beloved Austin retreat on April 1 (please come!) and there’s a 10-year-old trip to organize.

We’ll see what God has in store for this space. I sure hope you’ll join me in 2017 as we ride the {virtual} waves of parenthood together. Happy New Year, y’all!


  1. Geri Conley on December 31, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Dear Kathryn, I am a recent subscriber and you can count me in as a dedicated follower of your blog. I really enjoy reading every word. You just keep on doing what your doing.
    We also raised 6 kids and put them through the catholic school system, so I really enjoyed reading your older posts about catholic schools.
    Again, your email is the bright spot in my inbox and I really don’t mind if it is irregular. Have yourself a blessed and wonderful new year!

  2. Katie @ The Catholic Wife on December 31, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Love you and your wisdom and life, Kathryn!! The Lord has blessed me with your words 😉 God bless your 2017!

    “I’m starting to truly understand that no year is perfect, rather it’s our perspective that changes.” — SO. MUCH. YES.

  3. Nicole on January 3, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Been reading your blog since you were first featured on I Heart Organizing, and am a loyal follower. Love your tips and tricks, your HDYDI, your parties, your honesty, and sass 🙂

    A couple things that come to mind that I would like to hear from you… Navigating homework with different ages, handling sibling rivalry, and how you make time to connect with each child on an individual level. I know you have touched on some… Besides that, I think you are doing a fabulous job and I refer to your posts when needed. I love your no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is style. And how you really break it down how things worked before, but needed a change.

    Cheers to 2017! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Aileen on January 4, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years although I don’t comment very much. But I love your writing, your photos, your thoughts, your family, your faith. Also, that you’re a fellow Texan. 😉 (Dallas/FW area)

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