Whitakers Head West 2016: Part Five

You can read all about our journey from Texas to California, and back, in parts onetwo, threefour, five and six

Our time at the Tierney household was beyond fabulous. Our kids got along beautifully, we shared way too many ice-cold Dr Peppers (and cocktails) and we found kindred spirits. I loved that the morning we left, we had to pull all our kids away from a rousing game of Clue. Here’s the gang, minus sweet Mary Jane who was napping. Kendra, a thousand thank you’s for hosting our crew. You are a wonderful hostess and I can’t wait to return the favor when y’all journey to Tejas (hint, hint).


This day was supposed to be our “easy day.” L.O.L.

We had a relatively short drive to Las Vegas (5-ish hours). Talk about the third ring of hell. The kids were all up in each other’s business, there was whining, way too much peeing, and way too much “when are we getting there.” Looking back, when we thought about where we were going, I wasn’t all that surprised the wheels feel off this day.

Before we hit up Vegas, we made a stop at the Hoover Dam. {insert all the dam/n jokes here} Honestly? Highlight. We absolutely loved it. Because of the kids’ ages, we were only able to do the powerplant tour which was the perfect time for us. Thirty minutes and done. We purchased the tickets before we arrived and skated in *just* in time.




Also, since it was surface of the sun hot outside (108F), the cooler temps down below felt like heaven.

There was so much we learned. Even the kids were impressed and loved it. It was such architectural and construction achievement (then and now). Growing up in a construction family, this tour really hit home. It transformed an entire part of the country with water and its power. Just fascinating. Sorry, I had to geek out there for juuuuust a sec.




Another golden Whitaker snap. Luke was d-o-n-e, Gigi wasn’t far behind.


There’s a funny story here about me almost throwing down with a security guard. She didn’t even laugh at my dam jokes. Note to self, Kathryn: don’t joke with someone who’s wearing a gun. I actually went into another building to change Gianna’s diaper. One of the guides sent me over there, opened the door, even. When I emerged from the bathroom, the entire building had shut down and when the elevator doors open I got the Spanish Inquisition. Needless to say, I had my Chevy Chase moment. Oddly, it wasn’t as funny.




We did rebound when we landed at our friend’s house. Andy’s mom is Will’s Godmother. He works on the strip and is one heck of an Ironman competitor. You should’ve seen all his medals and swim caps! It was such a treat to see him. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then took a drive down the strip.


Um, whoa. EYES FORWARD PEOPLE!! It was only 8:30pm and I saw things that I cannot unsee. Also, this picture did not capture the crazy amount of moaning that accompanied it.



Our plan of “popping in a casino to show the kids a blackjack table” did not come to fruition. Scott had collected a few bucks from the kids and was going to play a hand while the kids watched from the casino’s edge. That field trip was not meant to be. With three crying – one being me – we finally called it and drove home to put everyone in bed.

Andy was so kind to let John Paul try out some card tricks on him. With his Vegas cards, even. We bought those at the dam gift shop, by the way.

Vegas was, educational. Tomorrow, we really hit a high note but not before we almost lose our marbles in the desert.

Your sixth (and final!) day are coming at you manana.

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  1. Ann-Marie on September 20, 2016 at 7:37 am

    My grandparents used to live in Boulder City (outside of Vegas). We got to take a behind the scenes tour with someone they knew who worked at the dam (with hard hats!). It was awesome!

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