Magnolia Market: 5 Things You Need to Know


If you don’t know what that is, then you haven’t been watching HGTV lately. I’ll admit, I just watched my first episode of Fixer Upper about 6 weeks ago. I’d heard about Chip and Joanna long before then, but when you don’t have cable, you rely on Netflix. HA! Since then, there may have been some binge watching.

Visiting Magnolia Market in Waco, home of Fixer Upper? Here are 5 things to know before you make the trek.

We heard Magnolia Market, excuse me, THE Magnolia Market, recently opened in Waco and since we had the day off of school, the whole crew went up to check it out. Here’s what I wish I knew.

  1. The whole complex has more than just shopping. If you can, choose a gorgeous day to visit the Silos. There’s a beautiful garden area, a grassy spot and great little food trucks (albeit pricey) adjacent to the store. And, coming later this year, a little bakery will open on property, too. My Austin self wishes they’d put up a stage and have some live music! A girl can dream.
  2. magnolia_8201
  3. I thought the Market had beautiful items, but not necessarily a ton of unique things. I should probably preface this with the fact I’m from Texas, live in this area and see “Texas rustic” pretty much everywhere. There were a few metal signs in the back that are handmade by a local artisan and there’s the #shiplap shirts and mugs which are obviously local to Magnolia. But, the majority of things I saw you can likely find by scouring HomeGoods, ZGallerie and Pottery Barn. Or, take a drive through Salado (just up the road), Fredericksburg or Wimberly and you’ll find many things with the same look and feel. The majority of items I looked at were made in China. I think I was hoping to find a few things that were “on-site only” that you could only find there and nowhere else, not even online. I’m blaming the crowds, which leads me to…magnolia_8206
  4. The Market wasn’t huge, so be prepared to feel like sardines. I *think* there’s a larger area they open from time to time, but the front part of Magnolia is really pretty small so that makes even the smallest crowd feel like a rock concert. And, it makes it really difficult to see what all is in there. Honestly? I found it pretty tough to get a really good feel for what was there because there were people everywhere. Perhaps shopping online is the better way to go that way, when you go, you get to experience it more. On that note, I’m not sure I’d bring the kids again. They got bored inside, so out to the grass and the garden they went.magnolia_8209
  5. Waco has some great little places to visit. I’m not sure you could spend a whole day at the Silos. For me? An hour and I felt like we had it covered. Maybe a half hour to an hour longer if you want to take photos and grab lunch. There’s the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, the Dr Pepper Museum (just a block from the Silos), the Texas Ranger Museum, the Cameron Zoo and, of course, Baylor University. Waco is a cute town. I don’t want to live there (Austin has spoiled me!), but visiting for the day was fun.
  6. Would I go back again? Yes and no. With kids who were hangry and not into home decor? No. With a date day with my husband so we could window shop, be inspired, chat and enjoy one another’s company? You bet.magnolia_8191
  7. And the bonus. I do so love Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna seem so genuine, so good at what they do, so good for Waco. My mom is friends with the CVB folks up there and they are covered up with requests. That is such a good thing. I’m so grateful they are such a good witness on TV for a good and holy marriage, a thriving business and people passionate about their vocation. True gifts!

All in all, it was a great day. Here’s a few more snapshots, with some bonus Texas Hall of Fame. Because, man, do we love our sports in the south. I grammed the day, so feel free to pop over there, too.

hall of fame_8228

hall of fame_8223

hall of fame_8216


  1. Kelly Daniel on January 20, 2016 at 7:51 am

    The next time you go to Waco, after the Dr. Pepper museum, take the kids to the Mayborn Museum on the Baylor campus! It’s one of the best children’s museums we’ve been to in a while! When we went, they had a Magic School Bus visiting exhibit which made our visit even better, but the permanent things are also great!

  2. Bridget on January 20, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Oh my goodness….I just love Fixer Upper! Chip and Joanna are so fun to watch together! And, incidentally, I just made my first purchase from Magnolia Market online that just arrived yesterday….a new chalkboard for my kitchen!

  3. LW on January 20, 2016 at 8:41 am

    I would describe the store more as farmhouse as opposed to Texas rustic. Yes pretty much most of it is made in China, but almost everything is these days. I haven’t found many stores in this area that carry her items aside from a few at Back Home. I’d say that what you find at Homegoods and PB has a less vintage feel to it. It’s fun to go and check it out, but you can also shop from home. If you sign up for email you can get 10 off which will help with shipping costs. I just received an order, and I’m in love with every piece. Austin could really use a store like this. Hopefully someone will jump on the farmhouse bandwagon and open one up. I agree, leave your kids at home. Mine were bored!

  4. Nicole on January 20, 2016 at 9:51 am

    My 7 yr old daughter loves to watch Fixer Upper. I’ll even catch my 9 yr old son stopping what he’s doing to check out the before and after 🙂

  5. Michelle Paine on January 20, 2016 at 10:05 am

    I can’t believe you only just discovered Fixer Upper ;P! I am pretty much hooked and it is one of the only reasons we get cable. 🙂 Thanks for the review of the new Market – we are too far away (Ohio) so I don’t feel so bad not getting to go.

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