The Best/Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Us

Nearly six years ago, the bottom fell out at our house.

It’s been documented well here on the blog.

But, when Erin reached out and asked if I would talk about it, I was honored. A tiny bit scared to chat about it with her listeners, but ready. Six years ago I could not have put together coherent sentences, much less had any perspective on our 44-day neonatal intensive care unit stay, and beyond.

Today, I think I can.

It’s appropriate as we celebrate National Prematurity Awareness Day this November 17 that I share this podcast about the real, ugly, dirty, sanctifying, spiritual, emotional truth of our time in the NICU. I pray you’ll give it a listen, 1) because Erin is a great interviewer, 2) you can get your daily dose of Texan and 3) it just might help someone you know not feel so alone.

To listen:
Walking with God Through the NICU

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