Happy Mother’s Day!

Even before I became a mom to my own kids, I had experienced the love of motherhood.

That’s the beauty of love. Whether you’re title of motherhood means you’re a Godmother, a physical mom, an adoptive one, a spiritual mama or a mother figure, we all know the love of a mom.

I’m blessed to know some amazing women in my life. A few weeks ago ProFlowers emailed and said “hey, who are four moms you know that need flowers?”

My response was, “just four?!” If I could’ve sent 44 bouquets of flowers that wouldn’t have been enough!

Susan and I met through our online blogs. She has six boys with the oldest and youngest the exact same ages as mine. We are kindred spirits. If only Kansas was closer to Texas. These tulips had her name written all over them.


Then there’s sweet Bonnie. Her laugh. Her energy. Her miracle. I was so grateful that Edel brought her to Texas and into my home. Bonnie has a beautiful sense about her. Such genuine love. Sending these to her made my heart sing.


Many months ago, I emailed my friend and mama of five and asked for some serious help planning a big family vacation to the mouse ears. Not only has Nicole been my saving grace but our friendship dates two decades. We knew one another 11 kids ago! She’s one of the finest mamas I know.


And then there’s Tanja, Gianna’s Godmother and my sanity break. She is an amazing friend. Having kids going through the same seasons is such a blessing and boy do we commiserate. And laugh. A lot. I loved sending her some beauties.


ProFlowers was so generous to allow me to send flowers to four moms and I am forever grateful. They were beautiful and lovely.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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