So…about Christmas

I know. We’re nearly 30 days out from Christmas Day.

Math isn’t my strong suit.

I shared a bit of the Whitaker family Christmas, but thought I’d show you the rest. You know, because I’m timely like that. Rather than give you the montage of what we did, I’m sharing my ten favorite moments of Christmas Eve and Day.

Are We Done Yet? John Paul looks about as excited to be at Christmas Eve Mass as I am about getting my teeth cleaned. Will, look at you, Mr. Responsible. Luke? He’s just done. D-O-N-E. And, we even went to 4:30PM Christmas Eve Mass! The girls, looking so happy and chipper. Then there’s the skinny man holding Luke. So proud of you, Scott! Hard work is paying off. Mass was absolutely lovely and we were joined by my parents, my brother and his family and my cousin. You know it’s a crowd when you take up a whole church pew!

christmas, blog_091

A Dash of Sweet. Because I am lover of all things birthday, we celebrate Jesus’ in style. My sweet friend Olga made these beauties and we did our best to polish them off…which took about 1.4 seconds. And that’s being generous. Not only did Jesus get fancy cookies, but a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” and “How old are you?” Infinity, in case you’re wondering. It’s a family tradition that we sing and eat sweets after we attend Christmas Eve Mass in His honor. This year did not disappoint.

christmas, blog_110

The Book. Clare’s Godfather sent us the vintage book, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Texas.” Y’all. The kids squealed so loudly and then demanded I read it. RIGHT THEN. So we suspended all package opening and read the book. We read it nearly a dozen times this season. My best compliment? Will, when he said, “Man, Mom, that book is the perfect one for you to read. Your accent just makes it.” I’d call that a WINNER, Fr. Richard. Thank you!

christmas eve, blog_218

You Got Me What? Okay, so there’s more than one reaction photo. I couldn’t choose a favorite.

christmas, blog_01

kathryn, blog_237

Saintly Intervention. This year, each of the kids received a prayer card as their religious gift, one of their three gifts from us. I can’t stop crushing on this photo of my Gianna with *the* Gianna.

gianna, blog_079

Big Guy. Smaller Shirt. During the Christmas season, my mom gave my dad one task. Order a Clippers jersey for Will. Except that Dad forgot to note the difference between Youth Small and Adult Small. We are still laughing about that one. John Paul got the last laugh as he got a bonus gift this year! On a side note, I have zero idea why we have a Clippers fan and a Jets fan in the house. Who are these kids? SPURS. COWBOYS. RANGERS. Come on, boys, let’s side with some Texas teams for once.

will, blog_074

This is Serious, Y’all. Our resident fashionista (gee, can you tell?) had a great time opening up all her new clothes. I love how she has an assistant cheerleader in my niece. Sweet Ava even spent the night with us on Christmas Day. It’s become a bit of a tradition and my girls giggle with excitement when she’s here. Scott even busted out the new waffle maker and we had a treat that even Williams-Sonoma would be jealous. No really.

alg, blog_050

Daddy’s Girl. Gianna couldn’t quite stay up for all the festivities, so she opened her presents later. She was quite content to just hang with dad, rip paper and eat her new mocs. Next year, I’m sure she’ll be pulling down the Christmas tree.

scott, gianna, blog_01

The Godfatha. Gianna’s Godfather was kind – I say brave – enough to swing by during his break from seminary – his last! Priestly ordination coming in June! She, of course, was an angel while he was here. The kids begged him to play a round of Cornhole, on the condition that Deacon Cornhole wouldn’t become his new nickname. Presently, my kids know him as Deacon Jenga. I think he likes that nickname better.

dcn tom, gianna, blog_007

cornhole, blog_004

 Brady Bunch. Proof that they do clean up. Sometimes.

christmas eve, kids, blog_01And with that, we’ll finally put Christmas 2014 in the books!

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