All Hallow’s Eve

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Halloween, but when you see kids in cute costumes? I cave.

It’s probably more accurate to say that I love the fun part of the tradition. The sweet costumes, the time seeing neighbors, the extra Snickers around the house. We’ve never been ones for the gore or the crazy, but I do love the traditions and holiness in the church as we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2. Catholic Church for the win.

Our week consisted of a great Halloween parade at Luke’s preschool. As providence would have it, the older kids had a half day, so they were able to go with me and be Luke’s cheering section. He clearly dug that fan club. For kicks and grins, I dug out the old photo of the boys wearing the Incredibles costumes. This year, I told everyone, “Here’s the Halloween costume bin. Find something.” Momma wasn’t buying anything this year! Obviously, we lost the mask, but that’s what they make an eyeliner pencil for, right?



Halloween night, we had our traditional 50-cent corn dogs and tater tots from Sonic with my parents and then headed over to the convent to see the Sisters. Can I tell you how awesome it is to have them around the corner? They really do have the best costumes. HA! The boys really went all out … and went as themselves. We have decided Will’s costume for next year, though. JFK. With hair that great, he has to go into politics.

halloween, blog_039

In an effort to keep it real, Luke broke down in tears because we had no mask. But, the eyeliner saved the day. Clare lost it because her costume was “itchy,” enter the dance leotard. There was a momentary kerfluffle because it had sleeves. I know. The horror. Anna-Laura almost spun out of control because we lost the Gryffindor tie and we had no black skirt for her so she had to wear John Paul’s khakis. The rough life we lead. She almost gave up trick-or-treating but the promise of Skittles won her over. The boys gave up and just wore athletic shorts. And, Gianna? One more week and her chubby bum wouldn’t have fit in that adorable costume from my friend, Jeni! Scott went as a dad who’s 20 pounds lighter (I know, so proud!) and I went as a Texan. Shocker. Somehow, we all managed to survive.

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Then, they scattered. The big boys went to a friend’s neighborhood party. Anna-Laura hung with some friends in the ‘hood which left us with Clare, Luke and Gianna. My sweet neighbors took Clare and Luke while I fed Gianna and my parents manned the door. Bottom line? It takes a village for my kids to collect buckets of sugar.

I’m grateful we have a neighborhood full of awesome people who we know and love. Trick-or-treating is such great fun here. We even have neighbors that pass out “adult” treats. Beer for the win! The family approach to the holiday reminds me of my hometown in Dumas. I love it. And, it was also a little bittersweet seeing my older ones moving to the next phase of the holiday. Long gone are the days of matching Incredibles costumes or sweet Dalmation puppies. I no longer get to choose a majority of the costumes.

The bigs are growing up.

We did capture one last family photo before the great scatter. I do so love how my mom caught the big brother kiss to the head, while the younger brother winds up his punch. #lifewithboys

halloween, blog_030

From a teenager, a 10yo, Hermoine, a dancing fairy princess, Dash, a butterfly and two tired parents, Happy Halloween 2014!


  1. Ellen That Chic Mom on November 5, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Is that a Home T I spy, love it! What a sweet group!

  2. Maureen Davis on November 5, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Dear Kathryn,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. I was the good witch and went to the Hoot at highland Park elementary with the Teal’s, one of our Christian families. I know I am getting old. I got on the mad hatter ride with eight year old Mary. There was a wheel in the middle that spun around and she spun us so fast the whole ride. I was not going to but the gentleman said, “grandma you can ride for free.” When I got off I sat on a bench and watched until Larry showed up and took me home.
    I have a Halloween video of us with your children taken in our yard a few years back. They were bobbing for apples and I still love to watch it once in awhile.
    My daughter, Rebecca, and, son-in-law, Sean, are awaiting adoption of our second grandchild to be born this December 28th. I am battling a bacterial head infection and may have to see an ENT. Pray all goes well with this adoption and I feel better. God bless all of you! Love Maureen

  3. Maureen Davis on November 5, 2014 at 11:47 am

    One last comment The high school that my brother Bob and my father attended in the Bronx, New York was All Hallows High school. My uncle was one of the Irish Christian Brothers in the New York diocese. I have been praying most of my life for the canonization of Blessed Edmund Rice the founder of the Irish Christian Brothers. I have praying for healing of my granddaughter Penny Mary through his intercession. Penny will be four on December 27th and is doing very well. Thank God for His many blessings.


  4. Verdina on November 5, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Love the way you get through all the little bumps in the road! The kids’ costumes look great… especially Luke’s mask (ingenious)!

    God bless!

  5. Nora @ Savory Nothings on November 6, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Oh I loved reading this! All the little problems and how you manage them. Your kids are adorable! Love the brother action going on in that last picture! And Catholic Church for the win? That sentence made me smile! So true 🙂

  6. Elise on November 7, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Just love that last picture. So much character! What a beautiful family you have, Kathryn!

    • Kathryn on November 7, 2014 at 7:44 pm

      Thank you, Elise!

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