Our Very Best Moments from Summer

Even though our days are still in the high 90s (and sometimes low 100s!), with the start of school summer sure seems like a distant memory. Before we hit the vernal equinox, I wanted to share a few bits and pieces from our summer here at Casa Whitaker.

Just a few nights ago, Scott and I were sitting on the couch and he says to me, “Did summer even happen? Because I feel like it was just a blur.” Newborns will do that to a summer, won’t they?

Let’s see, shortly after Gianna was born, we hit end-of-school-year crazy. I’m pretty sure I deleted any email that started with, “I know you’re busy, but we just need you to bring in X for the school…” I turned 40 and ate the most fantastic cake at the best surprise party, EVER. Then, it was a stellar week at baseball and art camp for John Paul, basketball camp for Will and sewing camp for the girls. That sounds crazy busy, but I strategically chose camps that were less than a two-minute drive from the house.

That proved to be brilliant.

It meant that I still got to enjoy the babymoon, but the kids got to dive into an activity they really loved. It was a great way to start summer. John Paul really has an artist streak in him (and my graphic design heart rejoiced!) Here’s a sneak peek at his creations. I believe it’s where we captured our first pic as a family of eight, too!

art camp, blog_014

art camp, blog_015

We had the loveliest of baptisms (I still dream of that chrism and baptismal cake). As much as I love birthdays, I think baptisms may trump them. We’re getting pretty good at them here.Gianna Whitaker Baptism-3897-261


There was VBS and a sleepover with cousin Avavbs, blog_004

…and our awesome Texas Forever vacation (parts one, two, three, four and five).texas, blog_051

The not-so-stellar ER visit and hospital admit for Gianna super stunk. But, she’s having less episodes. I’m just hopeful they take a permanent vacation.

We managed to sneak in some Aggie love at two football coaches’ nights (holla!) And, of course we were quite proud when Coach Sumlin asked for questions and out of the corner of our eyes, noticed that Will had his hand raised! Summy called on him first and Will says, “So, coach, what game are you most looking forward to this season?” Leave it to the 13yo to stump the coach for a moment. He even mentioned what a good question it was. The answer? “South Carolina.” YOU KNOW THAT’S RIGHT. Gamecocks for supper! Our seatmates for dinner were quite dashing, too. Gianna and Rev (A&M’s mascot for my non-Aggie friends) hit it right off.

rev, gianna, blog_004

coaches night, blog_011

Golf camp has been a family favorite for the last eight summers. Every year, my parents give that gift of week-long camp to the kids, and the last several years, they even take them the whole week and give Scott and I a breather. It’s fabulous, and especially so this summer. We just had the two littles and it certainly gave us a much-needed break from the chaos. We missed them, yes, but oh how we loved the peace and quiet!

golf camp, blog_011

And we ended it with a stellar week at sleepaway camp. Always a family favorite. While the bigs were off watersliding and ziplining, Clare got a surprise $50 gift card in the mail from her dentist (good job on brushing those teeth, honey!) and managed to spend it all within 48 hours. Impressive.

camp ozark, blog_004

But, beyond camping and VBSing, baptizing and creating, we did one very important thing. We loved our way through those summer months. Yes, there was squabbling and bickering. But there was laughter. Yes, there was crazy. But there was also a boatload of crazy fun memories. We may not have gotten any sleep, but we sure did love the slower pace.

Summer 2014? You were so good to us.



  1. Nell @ Whole Parenting Family on September 17, 2014 at 8:11 am

    What a great summer. I want to send my kids to sewing camp–and to eat that cake!!!

  2. Bonnie on September 17, 2014 at 9:22 am

    That was great. And I’m so glad to hear that Gianna’s having less episodes. Do you still think it’s her (shoot, I don’t remember what it was called) transitioning from being asleep to awake?

  3. Verdina on September 17, 2014 at 9:48 am

    K — You make it sound so effortless, which means there is plenty of planniing in the background! What a great summer for all! So glad to hear Gianna is having fewer episodes… may they soon be gone for good!

    God bless you & your beautiful family!!!

  4. Mary Lee on September 17, 2014 at 11:05 am

    Oh my goodness that pic of reveille and Giana… So cute!!!

  5. Nicole on September 17, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    The hardest part of summer for us is planning out those camp weeks so that everyone gets to where they want to go and when! Thanks for sharing summer with us!

  6. Caitlin on September 17, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    I love this! You’ve inspired me to do a similar post of summer memories! Although ours mostly involved logging many hours on the swings at the park 🙂

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