2013: A Year in Review

Year number SIX of blogging is officially in the books. My blog-o-versary was December 26. I can’t believe I’ve been that chatty for that long.

It’s always fun to look back on the year and see what people loved, what I learned, what we did and the memories we made. Enjoy the pretty pictures, the funny stories and the reality of motherhood. Because I can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

What You Loved
The top ten posts you loved were fascinating to me. Fascinating. Who knew that Aggie football, a stinky garage, a tiny baby and parties were what y’all enjoyed the most? Stay-at-home motherhood is just so glamorous.


1. An Open Letter to Johnny Football (by far my biggest and most read post, ever, even the man himself read the piece)
2. A *Brilliant* Harry Potter Birthday
3. Dear NICU Momma
4. Before & After: The Garage
5. Avengers Assemble Birthday
6. A Hootin’ Good Time: Crafty Owl Party
7. HDYDI: After School Chore Checklist
8. Eight Really* is* Great: I’m Pregnant!
9. The Only Reason We Said “Yes” to Six Kids
10. Going Back into the Beast: The Eve of Luke’s Surgery

And, if you’re a pinner, looks like the Harry Potter party and our Aggie family photo won out in the “we love this pin” category. I like to make up categories evidently.

Where You People Came From
It’s always an honor when people and organizations you admire send people your way. Bloggers are real people and I’ve had the honor of getting to know a few of them a bit better in 2013. Even more lovely are your comments and the sweet things each of you share. Whether you’re a lurker, a commenter or a casual reader, I lovelovelove having you here. I’m especially grateful to these fine folks for being some of my biggest referrers: Jen at Conversion Diary, TexAgs, Fine Linen & Purple, Jen at iHeartOrganizing, Bonnie at A Knotted Life, Austin Catholic New Media and Grace from Camp Patton. Y’all are just the best.

Sometimes you get that email in your inbox and you get all smiley. To the sweet folks that featured what I wrote, you pretty much rock. Thank you.

Kim from The TomKat Studio featured Clare’s Rainbow Party. Now that was one fun party. Doesn’t every little girl dream of rainbows at some point? Clare and I got to dream big back in June! And, the party was also over on Amy Atlas’ blogthe queen of dessert tables. It’s always a bit humbling when someone you admire loves what you do.


When Jen from iHeartOrganizing featured our garage, I was giddy. She featured the girls’ closet the year before and I considered both features a real honor. Jen is my organization sensei.


The Johnny We Know via Tumblr highlighted my open letter to him back in February. As long as I’m an Aggie, I will be forever humbled by the time he spent with my son. It was precious and it is the side of him I love the best.

What’s a Happenin’ in 2014
1. Without a doubt, my “How do you do it” series will continue. Not only is it fun to document how we live life around here, but I always get such great inspiration from all y’all. If there’s something you want me to chat about, just email.

2. Giveaways! You’ll still see them pop up periodically. It’s always fantastic to discover a new Catholic artist or fall in love with a new product and then share it with you. I’ve got some fun ones brewing for 2014.

3. Even though it is work, I still adore the “Week in my Life Series.” I know that in a few years, I will either crack up laughing or wallow in tears at all our crazy family shenanigans. It will also likely mean therapy for my kids.

4. A new baby and a dose of motherhood. It’s been almost four years since I’ve changed a newborn diaper, sported a sling, nursed a baby or cranked up the swing. So not only will you get the mom of a teenager, but a mom of a newborn in 2014. I’m not sure which will be full of new adventures…

5. Last year, I featured a First Communion series (which I loved). Count on a new Sacramental series this year.

6. Honest Kathryn. Hopefully Funny Kathryn, too. I really like her. Southern girls always bring the charm, with a dose of sass. I promise not to disappoint.

THANKS for an awesome 2013, y’all. When I started hammering away on the keyboard about our crazy life back in 2007, I had zero expectations. Then I met you people. Some online, some in real life and some I’ve known forever. Thanks for letting me share the good, bad and sometimes ugly side of our life. I still can’t believe you people actually read this stuff. Let’s make 2014 great. The next few days I’ll be sharing the survey results, a huge before and after and my word of the year. Happy New Year!


  1. Kellie on December 31, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Happy New Year, Kathryn! I’m a lurker, but I love your blog! I’d love to hear more about your school morning routine, especially when you have a newborn! We have two school-aged kids (8 and 5), a three-year-old, and six-month-old twins, so things get pretty crazy at our house! I’ve already incorporated some of your after-school ideas and will also be using your organizing school paper ideas (thanks!!). It’s always helpful to hear what other moms do! Thanks for sharing your life and tips with us here in cyberland!

  2. Steph on December 31, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Happy New Years to the Whitakers!!!

    Though not really a HDYDI, perhaps you could sprinkle in some of your favorite go-to or ‘in a pinch’ recipes or meal ideas in 2014 posts?

    Looking forward to see what next year has in store for TW! 🙂

  3. Kathleen on December 31, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    I always enjoy visiting here. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

  4. Karen on December 31, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Happy New Years and happy to hear plans for 2014. We’ve been sharing news of our 12-week along third child and so many people’s reaction has been really disheartening. My husband jokes that we are breaking the U.S.’s “two-child policy.” Sheesh! Blogs like yours are so encouraging for me.

  5. Yvette on January 2, 2014 at 6:35 am

    Happy New Year Kathryn. From here in the UK I’m sorry to say I have no idea what an Aggie is, please forgive me! I thoroughly enjoy your honesty on faith, life and motherhood. My 5 children are much older than yours, and rather than regret what I could have put in place years ago to make family life smoother, I will take inspiration for what is appropriate now for them, for this I am grateful that you do take the time to blog. I am enjoying watching my eldest (18 ) putting plans into place for travelling before taking up a place at University- so perhaps we haven’t done too badly in placing a seeds of faith and self worth in our children. Time goes by so quickly!

    God Bless you, your family and especially your unborn baby.

    • Kathryn on January 2, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Thanks, Yvette! An Aggie is my collegiate alma mater’s mascot. Because we were a school that was originally founded as an agricultural college, the name “Aggie” stuck as a nickname. One heading off to university in the fall, what an exciting time in your household!

  6. Aileen on January 2, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Happy New Year! As a fellow Texan, I love your blog. The homey feel, the fun and also the honesty, the beautiful craftiness (I’m not much of a crafter but I love seeing what others can do) and your inspiring faith and family. I don’t comment much but I am always here!

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