HDYDI: Little Man Party, Day 3

Finally, I got my hiney in gear today. After dropping Luke off at school, I ran two quick errands and then it was home to wrap up some client work. After lunch, that lemon water I drank must’ve had some Red Bull in it or something.

Either that, or I looked at the calendar and realized I had about 48 hours until party time.

The party favors got painted, all except one. I was majorly bummed that one mug was chipped and began mentally calculating how I could bi-locate, get kids three different places and still make it to back to school night.┬áThe mug Gods heard my cry and not only did I find the 20 minutes, but they were on a flash sale, today only, 20%! Hey, don’t laugh, it’s the little things.

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Favors, check.

Party food, check.

Amazon delivered two pieces for an outdoor party game, check.

Pin the ? on the ? completed, check.

Tassel garland, almost check.

That leaves one more game, a pinata and making it all pretty left on my list. Oh, it sounds so easy, but I know better. I’ll probably be cussing crepe paper this time tomorrow night. The good news is, if the pinata idea fails, I’ll have lots of M&Ms to make it all better. That, my friends, is winning.

I get to see my favorite baker tomorrow, too. Y’all know her name, say it with me: Polkadots!

Thanks too, for your sweet, sweet words today. After I hit publish, I almost hit delete but Breaking Bad was on and meth won out. Glad to hear rocking your gifts was the consensus, girls. To top off a fabulously busy day, my husband walked in the door with a dozen roses. He is amazing.

Tomorrow, I promise to show you some pretty and not just some measly Instagram photo. Promise!

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