Art Camp 2013

Fine arts is crucial to your child’s education. Any child’s, for that matter. It’s through the arts our kids learn to express themselves, test their creativity and experience the magnificence of this amazing brain God has gifted each of us.

Our children don’t have a dedicated art teacher at their school – it’s one of the sacrifices we made when we chose a private, Catholic education. Don’t worry, I’ve been praying for years we hire an art teacher. Everybody laughed when I said I wanted Dominicans teaching my children, and look at us now. Austin has ten Ann Arbor Dominicans and Houston is opening Frassati Catholic High School this fall with three Nashville Dominicans. It can happen.

Every summer since forever my kids have been attending an A-MAZING art camp in north Austin, led by the crazy talented Celeste Robbins (details below). It’s no stretch to say this is the one camp I make sure they can attend ever year. Yeah, it’s that good. They work with a variety of mediums and by the stroke of teacher talent and St. Jude, Celeste gets my kids to create pure beauty.

Just look at these lovely masterpieces. Oh, and the one of me preggo was two kids ago!

Camp details can be found here: art camp SDS 2013!

art camp, blog_01

art camp, blog_6076

Word to the wise, get your forms in early. She always fills up fast.

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  1. Kimberly on February 21, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Does she (or you) have any suggestions for Summer Art Camps in the Houston area?

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