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My life has always been beautiful, just like yours. Most of us have it in us, we just fail to recognize the beauty inside ourselves.

On September 18, 2009 my life became not just beautiful, but rich. Purposeful. Faithful. And, real. God gave us a tiny 3lb. 9oz. miracle and entrusted the gift of his life to us. There is not a day – not a single one – that I forget His trust in me. It’s a question we get often. How do you do it with Luke? One day at a time I suppose. One day you look up and a month has passed you by, and then a year, and then three years. This week, I hope to share with you a bit of what life has been like for us. Mostly, though, I hope it inspires you to see the beauty in your own life. It’s a hard task to do sometimes – with the chores and the to-do lists, the sports practices, the Facebook statuses and the pretty Pinterest pictures. But, I’m challenging you to do it anyway.

A few weeks ago I heard this song on the radio. You know what I mean. I *heard* it. Like Big Daddy Weave just came blaring through my crummy minivan speakers and I nearly had a wreck because it was so stinking awesome. That kind of hearing. It was transformational. Their words reminded me of the many people that carried us, and continue to do so, in every aspect of our life. Even if Luke had not come into our life, even if prematurity had not touched our family, we would still need carrying. All of us need a hand sometimes. Here’s that song, but word to the wise, don’t be in a moving vehicle when you give it a listen.


1. Some of Luke’s therapists and specialists we found by providence. They were rounding in the NICU and it was love at first sight.

2. Others were assigned to us when we were on the general peds floor and it took us a few office visits before we found the right fit.

3. Some specialists are currently vacant because we’re looking for a replacement. Just because they’re the only one in town doesn’t mean you have to settle. We’ll be driving to Houston for one of Luke’s specialists in the very near future.

4. Trust your gut. You’re the parent. But, remember that you don’t have to be their BFF, you just have to trust them. That’s two different things.

5. Hold tight to the ones who listen to you. They are gems.

6. If you have a problem with their office staff, share it with the doctor. Sometimes they just don’t know how bad it is up front until a patient tells them.

7. I’ve found some of our very best specialists by asking other preemie moms, nurses and our trusted pediatrician.

For us, many of those people who carried our hands are pictured below. I want you to see some folks who pretty much walk on water in my book.┬áMay I present, all of Luke’s many specialists, nurses, therapists, nurse practitioners and residents. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? To see how many people have directly touched Luke’s life and our hearts – and this isn’t even all of them! I pray you’ll indulge a proud momma and allow me to introduce you to these spectacular people, left to right, starting at the top.

Kathy & Mindy (physical therapy); Dr. Shaffer (hematology/oncologiy); Dr. Johnson (cardiology); Dr. Meyer (pediatric surgery); Dr. Connolly (ENT); Dr. Simon (nephrology); Laurie (occupational/feeding therapy); Bob (NICU nurse); one of Luke’s many surgical nurses; Tasi (speech therapy); Dr. Fasci (developmental pediatrics); Eric (then-resident, now pediatrics); Angela & Brianna (pediatric surgery nurse practitioners)

Dr. Michael (neonatology); Dr. Simon (neonatology); Kristy (NICU nurse); Dr. Immken (genetics); *the* Sisters; Dr. George (neurosurgery); Bud (orthotics); Dr. Berhane (gastroenterology); Dr. Sharnberg (neonatology)

As Luke approaches his third birthday, I reflect and admire these photos. As I look at each one I’m reminded of sweet reunions, big hugs, high fives, good advice and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Here’s hoping that someday Luke walks back into their offices, standing tall at 6-feet and change and says, “Remember me?” A mom can dream, can’t she?

St. Luke, patron saint of physicians and surgeons, pray for us!


  1. Dianna Kennedy on September 17, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Nothing short of beautiful. Love to you all.

  2. Lisa Schmidt on September 17, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Yes, what Di said. So beautiful, K. God bless you for sharing these moments with us. And happy birthday, big guy Luke!

  3. Kelly Daniel on January 26, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    I hadn’t seen this post before, but recognized several of those people! All the neos, Bob (who is one of a few nurses who kept me sane during our 101 day stay), and Dr. Simon were among our favorite people! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful professionals in Austin!

    • Kathryn on January 26, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      And, that’s an AMEN, Kelly!

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