Box ‘o Chocolates

This morning, Scott headed out early for work and therefore, school dropoff got delegated to me. We said some prayers, cranked the radio and I bid them adieu. Luke and I came home and played a little, enjoying our hour of quiet before heading out the door for therapy. I get him all buckled in, jump in the front seat, pop the keys in the ignition.

And nuthin.

Again, I turn the keys. Okay, five more times I turn the keys.

Still nada.

I called the therapists and cancelled his two-hour session, text Scott with the “good” news and call a neighbor to come jump the van. Fortunately, the jumper cables were in the back of the van! At this point, I’m feeling frustrated but pretty proud of myself. I mean, I know how to jump a van and be a problem solver. Yea for Kathryn.

Then, I drive five miles only to realize I drove to the TIRE store and not the BATTERY place. #&*%

Back in the van (that I had the good sense NOT to turn off) and we head another five miles back to the battery place. They begin testing the battery and, oops. “Sorry, looks like we just disconnected the connector,” the tech says.

A few more not so nice texts to the hubby and a 3yo who’s getting a wee bit antsy seeing as how the store only has Armor All and wiper blades to keep him busy. A second tech comes out, heads back and forth from the van to the store about five times and then says…

“Did you know you have a bad connection? The alternator wasn’t properly installed to make a good connection with your battery. You’ve probably just been running on the battery for a very long time.”

That might explain the three batteries in one year.

Then, he fixed the connection, confirmed the battery and starter were working and off we went.

For free.

Moral of the story? I need to stick with graphic design. Car stuff ain’t my thang.

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  1. Maria Watkins on September 26, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Hi! I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I have a daughter who has Cornelia De Lange Syndrome (CdLS) and I can relate so well to a lot of your emotions with your son, dr. visits, and therapies. Our life was turned upside down last year, but I love my little girl to the moon and back and am amazed at all she has taught me! Thanks for sharing your story! (and I”m glad your car got fixed for free!! That could have been SOOOO much worse…)

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