QOTW: August 24, 2012

“That dinner smells so REFRESHING.”
John Paul, on my cooking. I’ve heard lots of things, but that’s a new one.

“Hewwo, Wovie.”
Luke, after hearing me say, ‘Hello, Lovie’ when I got him up for breakfast this week. That kid is melting my heart, bit by bit.

“Miss you.”
Every afternoon when I put him down for a nap, he pats my cheek, gives me a kiss and says this. It *almost* makes me forgive him when he strips his bed of the sheet and mattress protector before going to sleep. Stinker.

“It looks like it’s surgery next summer, before he turns 4.”
Dr. G, Luke’s neurosurgeon, about his impending surgery. At least I can close out the 2012 books with no brain surgeries. I told him that it’s Luke’s last one, so he better make it good. More on all the brain stuff next week.

It’s been tough to get back in the groove of school. Reentry is hard. But, the kids are really enjoying their teachers and those after school chore charts are saving my life. No really.

It’s been a weird, surreal maybe, experience to just have one at home. I will be blogging about that in the next couple of weeks. Luke is heading to mother’s day out soon and I have loads to share. This weekend we have a super fun Preemie Power event to attend, a boatload of birthday parties and I’m hoping a small home improvement project. It’s been too long since I showed you a before and after. You just might get lucky next week. Maybe. Make it a great week, y’all!


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