PK Graduation, Numero Quatro

And {snap}.  Just like that another child walked the PK stage with a diploma in hand.  I’ll admit I did tear up a bit – and that’s usually not my MO.  I tweeted that it’s 90% joy, 10% sadness.  It’s hard to let your babies grow up.  Thankfully, God does it gradually and I’m enjoying every last lovin’ minute of it.

We tried our best to bilocate, but Scott and ended up having to divide and conquer.  John Paul had the semi-final baseball game in the tournament championship at the same time as PK graduation.  Scott took JP and the rest of the fam, including grandparents, headed to the church.  As providence would have it, Scott and John Paul made it just in time to see Clare process out.  He saw her in all her cuteness, so not all was lost.  And, to add icing to the cake, John Paul got the game ball.  More on that in tomorrow’s post.

Clare had a fantastic year.  She is super quick to make friends, easy to appease and amazingly mild-mannered.  That girl loves to have a good time, but I am always impressed with her ability to be patient.  I mean, she is 4, but for a 4yo she blows her older brothers and sister out of the water in the “keeping her cool” department.  It’s probably part fourth baby, part caretaker of Luke.  Quite honestly, it’s been extremely hard for me to admit to myself that she is going to kindergarten in the fall.  Even if I was called to home school, the year we’ve shared could not be duplicated.  She has been my cheerleader, my sanity check and my ray of sunshine on many a doctor visit where I almost lost it.  I’m not quite sure what Luke and I will do without her next year.

But, in the same sappy breath, I also know she is ready.  She is making patterns, counting and emerging with her reading.  She is social and funny and eager to learn.  Kindergarten will adore her.

Clare, thank you for reminding me that even on the bad days, it is a good day.  Your smile, sweet hugs, beautiful dances and made-up songs made motherhood a total joy this year.  Go get ’em tiger.  Spread those wings a bit, just don’t forget to come hug your momma’s neck at the end of the day.

And, this morning I hugged her neck one last time before she bounded off to her “fun day” of PK.  The last day is officially in the books.  Love you, funny girl!


  1. Kathleen on May 22, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    She sounds like a sweetheart. What a nice post about how you feel about her.

  2. Verda on May 23, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Once again, Kathryn, you have such a knack for putting those emotions every parent feels into beautiful words. God bless you and your family!

    Nona Verda

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