HDYDI: Organizing Party Supplies

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It’s no secret that I LOVE parties.  Like, head over heels love them.  During my 40 Bags for 40 Days Lent project, I found out just how “much” I loved them.  Two trash bags and one recycle bag later, everything is finally back in order and organized in a much more efficient manner.

{insert birds singing a happy song here}

1.  I have two plastic bins, one is for HOLIDAY, the other for BIRTHDAYS.  In them, I store plates, napkins and plastic tablecloths.  During the massive cleanout, I used up all the napkins I knew would never see another party again.  Every night at the dinner table was a riot.  “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Valentine’s” or “Mom, those were from my first birthday TEN years ago!” was shouted at our table.  No really, I did have napkins a decade old.  They still worked, though.

2.  I put the silverware, candles, straws, bowls and tablecloth weights in a smaller plastic basket that is easier to access.  All our party supplies are in our utility room above our upright freezer, so I needed to re-think where I put things.

3.  That left me with lots ‘o cups.  I had two big water buckets we used for serving drinks that were cluttering up the garage.  Instead of leaving them out there, I washed them out and brought them inside.  One holds all the cups (brilliant, I know) and the other holds my cleaning towels.  I figured I might as well make it functional!  I just dump them in the dryer when it’s party time and after it’s over if all the water doesn’t drain out, the towels take care of that for me.  I also learned that I will never buy cups again.  If you need some, lemme know.

If it doesn’t fit in one of those containers, then it had to go.  I’m working on only purchasing the things I need.  And, by decluttering what I had, I found that I didn’t need to get much for my last party.  It also makes bringing things like napkins or plates for a school party much easier because I know what I have on-hand.

All this party talk has me excited about a certain seven-year-old’s big day.  Ooo la la.  Hang tight, that ball of fun is coming your way in a couple of weeks.  Squee!


  1. Rowena on May 7, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Great job organizing! I’m still trying figure out where to store all of our party gear and organize on a budget. I’ve got everything grouped together, but I’d like to organize and find the space like you did! Where do you get your bins?

    • Kathryn on June 25, 2012 at 3:14 pm

      Ah, just now seeing this. WP is being a stinker! I got the white bins at the Container Store, the red bucket from Target and the galvanized bucket from the Dollar Store.

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