It’s Holy Week!

The holiest week of the year is upon us.  Aren’t you excited?  This week, I’ll be posting about all things Lent, Triduum and Easter.  It should make for a great week.

MONDAY:  How a baby bird and a grumpy old man made me fall in love with Palm Sunday

TUESDAY:  The Chrism Mass, What is it and why should I care?

WEDNESDAY:  Mary’s sacrifice

THURSDAY:  The Last Supper

FRIDAY:  Good Friday

SATURDAY:  The Easter Triduum, Why it’s the most important Mass of the year

SUNDAY:  He IS risen!

Don’t worry, I won’t go all theological on you.  That’s just not my style.  You know me, there will be some mom stories, perhaps an Aggie reference and a healthy dose of reality.

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