QOTW: March 9, 2012

“My brain can’t think anymore.”

Will, after working for two hours on a word search.  You should’ve seen the drama.


“We should ask the saints to tell Mary to ask God to make it stop raining leaves.”

John Paul, clearly tired of raking EIGHTEEN bags of leaves in our yard.  It does look fabulous, though.  And, I like the way he thinks.


“We’re just calling to let you know that your 7:30am appointment is cancelled because the doctor is sick.”

Um, thanks for calling at 7:30 (the same time as the appointment) to let me know.  I’d like that half hour I spent in traffic back please.  New medical assistants.  It’s tough breaking them in.


“No! Do it.”

Luke’s three new favorite words.  Looks like he’s stubborn like the rest of ’em.


“I almost forgot my bow.”

Clare, telling us she did, indeed, forget her bow.  But, she always starts any forgetful statement with “I almost forgot.”  Oh, Clare Bear, we love you.


I was hoping to give everyone a big update on Master Luke today.  The appointment that got cancelled was with his developmental pediatrician and he was on tap for a big round of developmental assessments.  I was itching to find out how much progress he had made on the expressive language front.  Guess it will have to wait.  For the record, I was none too happy with that medical assistant yesterday.  It’s cool that the doctor was sick, it happens.  But I was so not happy that they called my house while I was sitting in the waiting room.  Such is life.

Our super fun weekend just got a little overhaul.  We are having massive thunderstorms (YEA for RAIN!) so it looks like all sports practices and games are cancelled.  I think that’s a sign I should call and book a massage.  My soccer team gave me one as a gift last season for coaching.  Yes, they are really that awesome.

We have spring break next week – holla – and that means no getting up super early.  No practices.  No meetings.  No obligations.  No homework.  No client work.  I’m beside myself with giddiness.  I’ll be busy getting things ready for John Paul’s First Communion.  This is what happens when you join Pinterest.  Those people have some great ideas.  Now, to make them reality.  Scott is taking a day off work and we’re looking forward to some family time.  Blogging may be light next week, but I’ll be back in the saddle soon.  Don’t you worry.

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