Top Ten: Kairos

Oh, you know how it works.  Somebody posts some link on facebook and before you know it you’ve clicked on three other links and gotten sucked into the internet vortex.  My most recent adventure, however, was 100% worthwhile.  I found this article about measuring time in Chronos or Kairos.  Chronos is real time, how life actually happens.  But, Kairos?  That’s God’s time.

If I measured my week – shoot, my LIFE – in Chronos I would be so depressed.  The hours I’ve wasted watching someone write a check in the grocery store checkout line.  The hours I’ve waited while someone finished a text at the red light, completely missing it turn green.  The hours I’ve bit my lip while a small child threw a major league tantrum in a completely inappropriate place.  Thousands and thousands of hours.

But, Kairos, God’s time, is so much more uplifting.  Those are the moments I write down here on the blog.  The ones I want to capture and remember and tell my kids, “Oh my, there’s this one story you have to hear.”  If only I had started blogging years ago – wouldn’t that have been WAY fun?  At least you have me now.  On to my top ten.  Sorry for the chatty Cathy.  Here are this week’s…


1.  When Clare sweetly asked if she could wear her dancing skirt while I ran an errand up to the school.  Why, yes, yes you can.  Because someday when you’re old, like me, you won’t be able to wear the cute, frilly, pink, sassy tutu in public.  But today you can sweet girl and you look mighty cute.

2.   This week we’ve been praying for Baby Caleb (who’s doing beautifully considering he’s only 24 hours post-op).  Will came in the office the other day as I was catching up on his progress and asked how he was doing.  I told him great.  He let out a big sigh, squeezed my shoulders and said, “Oh, that’s such good news.”  That boy has such a sweet heart.

3.  The look on Anna-Laura’s face on Monday was priceless.  She lost her second tooth at school (did I even blog about the first??) and she was squealing with glee.  I was afraid she might combust in the van she was so excited.

4.  The recent trip to Dell Children’s to visit a friend brought back some bittersweet memories.  I looked down in the stroller and with the biggest blue eyes – one with a slightly horrific black circle around it – Luke looked up at me, signed and said “open” and then “out.”  It was God’s way of telling me, you made it, kid.  Rest in knowing you are in a better place today than you were 21 months ago.

5.  Just before Scott dashed off to work, he turned on his heel and said, “I forgot something.”  Then he planted a kiss on me.  That’s a pretty fine way to start the day.

6.  Will didn’t make too stellar of a grade on a test before the Christmas break.  Without us urging or suggesting, he decided to ask the teacher if she’d reconsider the grade and let him do something to bring it up.  The letter he wrote to her was just awesome.  I caught a glimpse of a fine young man.

7.  My girls have been rushing to get “the” Christmas card every night.  They recently pulled out a card from some dear friends and said, “Oh we love them soooooo much.”

8.  Everyday this week Anna-Laura has been asking when she can go run with me.  Her eyes light up like fireworks.  I’m hoping we can make that run happen this weekend.  It’ll be good to have her along.  You know, when I stop breathing she can call 9-1-1.  Must. Get. In. Shape.

9.  John Paul has a hole in his uniform pants. When I asked him about it, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s no big deal mom, it doesn’t show my whole knee yet.”  Oh John Paul.

10.  The house got scarily quiet the other day – that never happens unless someone is up to no good.  The boys were upstairs reading, the girls coloring and Luke was “reading” a book.  It only lasted about three minutes, but in Kairos time it seemed a lot longer.

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  1. molly on January 11, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    I LOVED that piece. It brought it all home for me “Carpet Diemm? I can’t find 10 minutes to Carpet much less Diem!” Too funny. I got sucked into her blog. Fast. My Kairos moment today: the kids dancing like crazy to the Laurie Berkner before bed (and before Lucas’ bedtime meltdown).

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