Advent: The Nutcracker

For years, my mom took me to see the infamous Nutcracker ballet.  It was one of the highlights of the Christmas season.  The Amarillo Ballet can definitely compete with the big boys and you can thank philanthropist Sybil Harrington for that.  Favorite Nutcracker ballet story?  One year, my dad accompanied us.  During intermission, he leaned over to my mom and asked, “So, when do they start talking?”  That was the last year my dad ever went.

My mom and I have been talking about taking the girls for a few years to the ballet, but we just weren’t sure they could swing the whole performance.  We decided to give it a trial run this year and they did amazing!  We all met for an early lunch at Austin favorite, Hyde Park Bar & Grill.  Yum-ola.  If you haven’t eaten there, you must try their trademark fries.  I die.  The girls cleaned their plates.

In a moment of brilliance, my mom passed the time by reading the Nutcracker story to the girls so they would know what was going on in the ballet.  Why, yes, she was a teacher for 15 years.  That was such a smart move and I think the girls really got more out of the ballet because of it.  Clare’s eyes never left the stage.  She was completely mesmerized.  Anna-Laura got a little squirmy and impatient the last ten minutes, but overall, I was very proud of their behavior.

Luckily we read our tickets wrong and got to the ballet just as the curtain was coming up.  Yes, that meant we didn’t have to hear two little girls ask, “How much longer til it starts?”  Hooray for not reading the tickets right!  All in all, it was a lovely afternoon with Nana.  I look forward to many more “ballet” years.  Who knows, maybe one of these years my girls will be IN the show!

Two very tired little girls…

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  1. Kelley on December 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    You Whitaker ladies looked lovely! What a special day! So glad that it was such a successful afternoon!

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