Weekend Fun

Y’all it is time to GET. SERIOUS.  Luke is in THIRD place.  If you haven’t already – blog it, facebook it, tweet it, email it, whatever – but get your friends to vote for the cutest cowboy this side of the Pecos.  We might even raise a little prematurity awareness in the process.  Here’s the actual link if you need it!  http://tinyurl.com/winbabyluke


We had an a-mazingly fun weekend.  Three parent-teacher conferences, two birthday parties, one Texas A&M former yell leader reunion, two soccer games, play practice and a straight A dinner celebration.  If I haven’t said it lately, I am really loving this chapter of life.  I know I can’t keep this pace up forever, but I have zero doubts that someday I will look back on these years and say, “Man, that was a good chapter of life.”

First up, the birthday parties.  Two sweet neighbor boys turned two and the moms hosted a woodland creatures party.  Y’all.  If you thought I was creative, you need to meet Jayme.  She’s a neighborhood momma who just happens to be a graphic designer extraordinaire.  She’s designed for HGTV, including Design Star winner Meg, Hancock Fabrics and so many others.  The party was really adorable and it was a great day of celebration.  Then, we had the honor of celebrating sweet Sam’s first birthday, my college roommate’s youngest.  So stinkin’ cute.  And Felicia looks WAY too skinny for a Bat Girl / Mom of 3.  The party was a Halloween dress up and we had a really, really great time.

Friday evening, we put Papa in charge of the kids and Scott and I headed over to College Station (aka the Holyland) for the yell leader reunion.  Talk about a roomful of extroverts.  Lotta good bull stories, though.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoy those reunions.  It’s a pretty small group of fellas who share the former yell leader title (about 217 living) and around 50-60 are always at the reunion.  We’ve developed some really precious friendships.  And, you never have to worry about ticking anyone off when the t.u. talk begins.  Now that’s good bull.  I have the privilege of designing their bi-annual newsletter.  Truth be told, the association was my very first client and got my freelance business going.  I owe them a lot, now don’t I?  A husband AND a business!

Soccer Saturday was fantastic.  The weather was beautiful, my team played great and both the girls are really showing some maturity in skill level on the field.  Very proud of those two.

You can tag this one #proudparentingmoment.  All the kids got great, honest, reports from their teachers.  Anna-Laura needs to buckle down in math, JP needs to zip it and get his work done and Will…well, he needs to keep doing what he’s doing.  He got straight A’s – one of three in the class.  As a reward, he got to choose where to eat dinner on Sunday evening.  He’s worked hard for those grades.  While the straight A’s were a nice accolade, we were most proud that he put forth his best effort.  Way to go, buddy.

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