Soccer Season

Soccer season has begun at our house.  Both the girls chose soccer over dance this fall.  I know Anna-Laura is loving it.  Clare still isn’t sure.  She is excited about me being her coach, she just doesn’t want a thing to do with kicking the ball.

This is ALG’s second season and I’m just so impressed and proud of how far her ball handling skills have come.  You can totally tell she has older brothers.  While the other girls are picking grass, Anna-Laura is taking the ball to the net.  Getting in the middle of the action has a zero intimidation factor.  She’s got a pretty scrappy team with a great little defender of the goal.  ALG and a couple of the other girls are strong on offense which makes for a really balanced team and some awesome games.  I’m such a dork – I already sound like a coach, don’t I?

This series of photos below was just about a minute before she got the ball midfield and dribbled it right in for a goal.  I was practically screaming on the sideline, Clare just giggled and said, “Mom, you’re funny when you get excited.”

One of the things I think is just so darn cute is how serious she is about playing.  An hour before the game, she has her entire uniform on, water bottle ready and sunscreen applied.  You don’t have to tell her twice.  When she gets to the field, she is all business.  She did break her game face to look over at me after she made the goal and give a “thumbs up”.  Very cute.

It’s going to be a fun season.


  1. Christine on September 20, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    My daughters are 13 and 11 and nothing has brought me greater joy than watching them excel at and love sports! I have also learned a bit about myself through this experience….I am a bit of a competitive mom!!! Who knew! You go ALG and Claire!

  2. Whoo’s 8? Happy Birthday Anna-Laura! on May 16, 2013 at 8:25 am

    […] ago I became the momma of a girl. Oh, how sweet it is. There’s been Paris and gardening, soccer and dance and a whole lotta pink. Being her mom is pretty great. We’ll celebrate with friends […]

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