First day of PK!

Oh sweet Clare Bear – last Tuesday was just awesome.  She started her first day of PK and practically left Scott, Luke and I at the curb.  I had to beg to get some photos, but in true form, she showed off for the camera.  Yep, definitely a Whitaker.

I only picked out her clothes, she selected the bow and matching bracelet.  And she was VERY adamant about the bracelet.  “It’s so pretty, momma.  I have to wear it.”  Might I add that it is awesome that I finally have a girl who wants to wear dresses everyday?  It’s very “Clare.”

She barely gave us a second glance as we walked out the door.  She did stop, however, to give her brother a kiss and hug.  Clare, I pray it is an awesome year of learning, growing and creating.  As much as I don’t want you to leave the house, I am loving the person you’re becoming.  Thanks for letting me be your momma.

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