Top Ten: September Rocks

Oh, I am SO excited about what’s in store for September 2011.  So stinkin’ excited.  Let’s get to it, shall we?


1.  Sweet baby Luke turns two.  The hard memories are starting to fade and I’m hopeful the happy ones will be there waiting for us on the 18th.  Wow.  Two.  We did it!!

2.  We get to be an aunt and uncle again.  Scott’s brother, Cory, and his wife, Jennifer, are expected baby #2 on September 16.  Maybe they’ll crash one of OUR kid’s birthdays!  We are so excited for them.  Nephew Alex says boy, me and the girls say girl.  Somebody has to be right.

3.  I’m debuting a new look on the blog.  Yep, it’s been in the works for a long time.  I’m hoping for launch later this month.  Fingers crossed.

4.  I’ll be offering Christmas card designs again – yea.  But keep reading.

5.  This year, they’ll be much more budget friendly.  I found a new printer I love.  Win-win for all of us.

6.  The Aggies have their season opener this weekend.  I must post about the SEC craziness, but not today.  Today we’re still happy.

7.  Scott and I, along with three other couples, are hosting a fun party for our kids’ school.  We are really looking forward to building some community. 

8.  I’ll finally know who wins Design Star.  I love that show and always think, #canimeetnateberkus?

9.  We will finally have all of Luke’s genetic reporting back.  That has been a door we’ve neglected to open for so long.  Answers and closure will finally be our friends.

10.  I get to coach my first sporting event.  I know, don’t fall out of your chair.  After a bazillion games, I decided to pony and up and volunteer to co-coach Clare’s soccer team.  Should be an adventure.

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