Back to school

Every year I think…

…summer will last longer.
…we will be more prepared for the first day.
…I will not cry.
…I can freeze time.
…my kids will always want their picture taken with the family.

And every year, I am wrong.

Summer was fabulous until we hit the 4th of July.  Then it just stank.  But, it is what it is.  No use lamenting all the things we didn’t get to do.  Time to make up for it and have a great fall.  Flag football has already started for the boys and they are loving it.  Bring on the pigskin.

I’ve been feeling really cruddy since Friday.  Come to find out, I have bronchitis.  Yippee {sarcasm font}.  So, I did NOT put my cell phone by the back door.  I did NOT put the CF card back in the camera.  And, I did NOT make sure Clare’s shoes were out.  Hence, we got to school and realized we left all three said items AT THE HOUSE.  Scott dashed home and made it back just in time for us to snap a few pics before sending everyone to their classrooms.  I guess the second day of school pictures will be just as cute.  I can already hear the kids groaning.  Tough stuff.  They’re doing it anyway.  Perk of being the parent.

The tears didn’t hit until mid-morning when I realized the craziness pre-empted them.  That was probably a good thing.  It’s just hard (and awesome) to see your babies grow up, you know?

Anna-Laura bounded into our room at 6:45 this morning, dressed and ready to go.  I tell you now.  There is not a child on earth more excited about going to school than her.  I pray it is always that way.  Even though the boys grumbled a little bit, they were pretty excited to see their friends and meet their teachers, too.  JP was over the moon when he spotted the word search (his all-time favorite thing to do) on his desk.  The teacher even overheard him say at orientation how he always sat in the back and so she moved him right up front.  Now that was thoughtful.  Will, I’m sure, just wanted to die when I summoned him from his desk to take a picture.  I’ll be forgiven at pick-up, I hope.  I just couldn’t let the first day go by without snapping a photo.

I pray this year is an awesome one.  Those kids of mine are pretty special and I look forward to inviting three new teachers to join our family this year.  I hope your first day went as beautifully!

Oh, may I add that Clare was NOT having this photo?  Her foot hurt so we all just went to where she was standing and took the photo anyway.  A grumpy Clare is better than no Clare!

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  1. Anonymous on August 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Despite all the craziness, you still managed to snap an adorable photo! Hope I can do the same when our first day comes next week!

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