Top Ten: Big Families Rock

This year marks my tenth one as a mother.  While “technically” a mother in 2000 when I was pregnant with Will, I’m counting the years they’ve been pulling on my legs, eating all my food and keeping me up all night.

It’s weird, right?  I still look 26.

I’ve shared my motherhood lessons, t-shirts I should make and sell and all sorts of handy tips on this blog in the past three years.  But, I thought it might be more fun to share why big families rock.  Small families, please take no offense.  Here’s hoping you giggle, just a little, as you read through these:


1.  I no longer worry about leftovers.  With two boys who are quickly becoming truck driver eaters and a little sister hot on their heels, I no longer need to raid my Tupperware drawer to store the slim pickins.

2.  My children can make pretend play out of anything.  Tupperware drawer?  Check.  Your older brother’s homework he worked on for two hours?  Yep.  An empty roll of duct tape?  Done it.  A box of maxipads?  Hey, a girl has to take a shower sometime and if that’s what’s left to play with, who am I to argue?

3.  Playdates are everyday.  I often tell my kids, “If you don’t like playing with him/her, just go pick another sibling.  Problem solved.”

4.  I have plenty of people to take care of me when I get old.  They do choose my nursing home, so I should remember to be nicer to them.

5.  We are prepared for nuclear war on a moment’s notice.  Between the 8 billion rolls of toilet paper, juice boxes, boxes of soap, frozen food and our garden out back, people will be flocking to MY house for supplies.  Forget HEB.

6.  In about 20 years, our family reunions are going to be rockin.  We may have to rent out the Austin Convention Center, hire a photographer and call the caterer.

7.  My children learn cooperation, negotiating skills, patience, ingenuity, humility and a whole host of other lifelong traits on a daily basis just by living life at Casa Whitaker.  Yes, I have no doubt other children learn the same things, but mine don’t have a choice 🙂

8.  We can finish any project in nothing flat.  (Disclaimer:  when they all work together).  It doesn’t hurt that we have a bevy of landscapers, chefs, housekeepers, nurses and entertainers in residence.

9.  Teaching the same skill isn’t nearly as hard the second, third, fourth and fifth time around.  It’s called peer pressure.

10.  Our house is always a party.  Whether we head to the grocery store, the post office, the soccer field or Mass, life is never dull around here.  And quite honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I was born to be a momma of many and I love it.

I pray every momma I know has a really wonderful Mother’s Day celebration this weekend.  For my sweet friends who struggle with infertility, be strengthened by our prayers.  For fellow moms in the trenches, we share your crosses and your joys.  For moms who have lost children way too soon, know that your strength and faith are a source of inspiration to many.  For moms whose chicks have left the nest, we admire your wisdom and life experience.


  1. JOYfilled Family on May 4, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    thanks for the smile!
    you and your precious family continue to be in my prayers.
    pax Christi – lena

  2. Indiana Elephant on May 5, 2011 at 2:51 am

    AWESOME post!

  3. Makenna on May 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Great- as always!! I loved the prayer at the end…may have to post that as my status on Mother's Day. 🙂

  4. Tiffany on May 6, 2011 at 2:31 am

    I just found your sweet blog through a friend! Thanks for the very real post…Oh yes, I can relate! God Bless your Mother's Day and may those little ones shower you with lots of hugs and kisses:-)(Another reason why big families rock!)

  5. Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints on May 15, 2011 at 2:55 am

    just found this blog via JOYfilled Family blog and I wanted to invite you to our Be Fruitful and Multiply Blog Hop…VERY similar to this post 😉

    Here's the link:

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