Happy 6th Sisty!

Sweet, sassy, lovable Anna-Laura is turning six today. SIX!  She was my first girl and has totally played the part.  She loves babies, shoes, the color pink and just about any bling you send her way.  I love her.  So much.

I love that she won’t let me touch her hair and wants to do it herself.  She’s actually quite good at it, too.  Last week she started sporting the side ponytail and I saw 1985 all over again.

I love that she is strong-willed, that trait will serve her well as she grows into a young woman.

I love that she sleeps with a blanket and her baby, every night.  Her baby is missing one arm, one eye and another leg and an arm on holding on my a thread, yet she still treasures it like a new baby in the box.  She is loyal.

I love how she giggles and ducks her head.  It’s so stinkin’ cute.

I love that she is bossy and opinionated and self-assured.  It is my prayer that those keep her from bowing to peer pressure.  She is her own woman.

I love that she is so helpful around the house.  She loves to help cook, clean windows, toilets and dishes yet when I ask her to clean her room, I get a heavy sigh and a, “Mom, that will take forever!  Clare made the mess, not me!”

I love that she is named after an exceptional and faith-filled Dominican nun, Sr. Anna-Laura.

I love that she gets excited when we pray the rosary.

I love being her mom.

Happy birthday sweet girl.  We love you to the moon and back!

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