Field Day was whoa

How great is it to be a kid?  Last Friday, the bigs had field day at school.  They barely slept on Thursday night because they were so wired.  I’ve never seen them get ready faster, be in a better mood, treat one another so nicely or bound out of the van that quickly.

Anna-Laura and John Paul had their outside time in the morning and Will had his in the afternoon.  The littles and I ventured up to school twice, with a quick break for playgroup and lunch in between.  That made for a crazy fast morning.  Even though I saw JP, I failed to document it on film.  Sorry buddy.

I made it in time to see ALG’s class try their hand at tug ‘o war.  I am cracking up at these faces.  John Paul’s team did a relay and cleaned house.  Will’s class did a few relays jumping in sacks and with their feet bound together with stretchy bands.  Definitely burned some calories from laughter.  ALG asked if I would show her how to hula hoop.  Um, no.  Some parent, somewhere, would’ve documented that horrible show on film and I would be reliving it at eighth grade graduation.  Momma wasn’t born yesterday.

We were sad to only catch the beginning of the 8th Grade/Teacher kickball game showdown.  I don’t know how it all went down, but the teachers enlisted some help from Sr. Thomas Aquinas.  Not only is she good, but do you *really* want to make a goal on her?  Nicely played, faculty.  Nicely played.

All in all?  Great day.  It’s days like those I’m grateful I stay at home.  I was reminded that the sacrifices we endure to make that possible are 100% worth it.

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