Good Friday

Last year, we tried something a little different and our plan is to do it again this year.

Friday morning we usually start with hard labor.  Because Scott works for the Catholic Church, he always gets Good Friday and Holy Monday off work.  Little perk for working for God.  At any rate, it’s always the weekend we get things done in the yard and spend some quality time together as a family, sweating and and working hard.  Just before noon we clean up and eat lunch and after putting the littles down for naps, the “period of silence” begins at noon and lasts until 3pm.  We fast from all technology and the kids either draw pictures of the crucifixtion, read a holy book or simply be quiet.  We whisper and we reflect.  According to scripture, Jesus hung on the cross during those three hours.  Quite honestly, those must be the darkest three hours of history.

Scott and I have discussed watching “The Passion” with the kids, but we both still think they’re too young.  It was hard for me to watch and I was in my 30s the first time I saw it!  It takes a great deal of maturity to process that and we want to make sure our children are ready.

Tonight, I’ll take the bigs to Good Friday services.  During the service, the main focus is the veneration of the cross.  In other words, we show respect to the place (symbol) where Jesus was crucified.  It’s usually a very reflective and emotional time for me.

Easter is almost here…

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