Texas our Texas, all hail the mighty state!

Yessiree, Bob.  Today is Texas’ 175th birthday!  Raise a Texas-sized margarita glass to the greatest state in the country.  If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE being a Texan.  Even when we left the state for seven years, I still retained my twangy accent, my boots and my recipe for cheese grits.

You can take the girl outta Texas…but it’s not recommended.  Bring ‘er back as soon as possible.  Here’s today’s top ten, enjoy!


1.  I’m a fifth-generation (right, Mom?).

2.  My grandfather, my mom and I were all born at the same hospital in Ochiltree County, otherwise known as Perryton.  And, in case you were a wonderin’ that would be the northeastern most county of the state.

3.  There are 254 counties in the state of Texas and I’ve lived in 7 of ’em:  Ochiltree, Moore, Potter, Randall, Brazos, Travis and Williamson.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been through about 200 or so of the rest.

4.  My favorite Texan quote is Davy Crockett’s, “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”

5.  My second favorite quote is, “There is no back door to the Alamo. That’s why they were all heroes.”  Hat tip to the San Antonio mayor, Maury Maverick Jr.  He was leading JFK around the Alamo and the president was trying to avoid the crowds out front.

6.  If you ever meet somebody from Sweetwater, Texas, ask ’em to say it out loud.  It has the sweetest ring to it.

7.  Texas A&M and the State of Texas share a significant date in history, April 21.  That’s Aggie Muster Day and the day Sam Houston and his troops defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto.  A quick 18-minute duel.  The infamous Santa Anna was sleeping and quickly donned a soldier’s clothes, trying to escape the attack.  He was caught by the Texans, though, that sneaky rascal.

8.  I am the daughter of a Texas history teacher 🙂

9.  When people say Don’t Mess with Texas, they mean it.

10.  We have the Cowboys, Texans, Rangers, Astros, Spurs, Mavericks, Rockets, Stars and Comets.  I have been a lifelong Cowboys fan ever since then-rookie Bill Bates gave me a kiss on the cheek at the Dumas YMCA Grand Opening.  This then fourth-grader fell immediately in love.

*Bonus:  I totally dig that the state’s official snack is chips and salsa.  Sah-weet!

That’s probably way more than you ever wanted to know.  But I am a Texas girl and proud of it!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED LONE STAR STATE!


  1. Indiana Elephant on March 3, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Even though I love being a Hoosier, I also LOVE your state. I've only been fortunate enough to visit it 3-4 times. Our son Sam falls asleep every night to the "Ballad of the Alamo" – no joke. A little weird for a 5-year-old's lullaby, but he heard it once and it "stuck." Happy Birthday, Texas!

  2. Abby on March 3, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    We have a friend (aggie) that did his residency in Michigan. He had a bag of soil sent to the hospital so so his son would be born on Texas soil.

    People in Texas are serious about Texas!

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