Our weekend with Chester

In kindergarten they always do lots of fun things.  Sometimes makes ME wish I was still 5.  Oh, the joys of simple living.

This past weekend, Anna-Laura was chosen to bring home the class pet racoon, Chester.  He’s a delightful fellow, hardly ever complained and slept wonderfully.  Maybe his good habits will set an example?  I do know that he instilled some mighty good behavior in a certain 5-year-old princess.  Not naming any names.

He enjoyed a little Sonic Friday.  It’s a tradition around here.  Every Friday, during happy hour, we head up there for a sweet slushy treat.  Some weeks, it’s the highlight 🙂

Luke enjoyed his first haircut {more pics and a story on that later this week} and Chester got to witness the chaos.  I’m amazed that he didn’t run away then.  He actually stuck it out here all weekend.

Then there was snuggle and kisses time.  Yes, I did Lysol the nose.  Hi!  I’m a germaphobe.

He watched a little basketball action with the older brothers.  One won, one put up a valiant effort.  Super proud of them both.

Sunday we split Masses, as Luke won’t be partaking in that family activity until after cold and flu season.  We gave some hugs to a friend, Fr. Danny and the Sisters.  Loads and loads of fun.

Then, we topped off the weekend with a Valentine dinner at Maggiano’s with the grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin.  Buono note!

Thanks for visiting our house, Chester.  Come back anytime!

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