Merry Christmas Y’all & Happy Anniversary Team Whitaker Blog!

I’m enjoying the week with family (Scott has the better part of the week off – yeehaw!!) and we are doing some MASSIVE cleaning of closets.  The verdict is in, seven people accumulate a lot of {ahem} stuff

The rule around here is for every toy that comes in, two go out.  We are donating all of our gently used toys to a refugee center downtown and the ones that were beat to death are being donated to the trash man tomorrow.  We’re givers like that.  The clothes are going to a potpourri of friends in town, friends moving to Australia (how mean of them!), the clothes center at Luke’s physical therapist’s office and the Gabriel Project.

Yes, we have THAT many clothes.

For the record, cleaning out closets – as neat-freaky as I am – is emotionally exhausting.  Especially the kids’ clothes.  Another post, another day.  As many times as I say that, I could take us well into the new year, couldn’t I?!

And, I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning that “Team Whitaker”, the blog-the myth-the legend, is officially three years old as of 12/25/10.  Wow.  I have been chat-tee.  It’s fun and sometimes scary to read through old posts.  HA.

I’ll be taking a blogging break for the remainder of the week, but when I come back I’ll have your Christmas re-cap.  Don’t worry, the Christmas season lasts until Epiphany on January 6 so I’m totally legit.

See you next year!!

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