Crazy (But Fun) Day

Most importantly, HAPPY FEAST DAY OF ST. LUKE!  And, as providence would have it, our “St. Luke” is 13 months old today.

I’ve got one kid with croup, who we were up with half the night, in the car on our way to the ER when we abandoned ship and stuck her in the steamy shower.  Semi-better today.

I’ve got another kid who had a “fever of unknown origin” and a hacky cough.

I’ve got another one who has a love-hate-hate-love relationship with table food.

I’ve got a book mobile creation to supervise.

A “family pumpkin decorating project” for another one.

Both of those projects due tomorrow.

A pile of laundry.

A birthday to gear up for tomorrow – the hubster is turning {ahem}.

And a half empty can of Dr. Pepper.

I need more 23 flavors.

Posts will be light this week until we can all get more sleep!

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