Rats, just when I thought I’d get up my top ten photos from Cousins’ Weekend (back in AUGUST!), I get more client emails for work.  Not complaining.  Not.  Just don’t have as much time as I’d hoped.  But, hopefully this pictorial bliss will brighten your day.  It just made me turn the slightest shade of green.

I LOVE THE COWBOYS!  And, I would love my mom even more if I had been in this picture.  Eh, whateryagonnado?  She does have some perks being the “woman in charge” of her organization’s annual convention.

Love you Mom.  Love you Emmitt.  You’re old school Cowboy, well not Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett old, but you know.  Jimmy Johnson.  Troy Aikman.  Bill Bates.  Daryl Johnston.  Super bowl wins.  Those Cowboys.

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