Are you ready for some football?

Yes, indeedy, the season is upon us.  Two seasons, actually.  Both the boys are playing flag football this season and Scott is coach to John Paul’s team.  All proof we live in Texas.  I had to hide my horror when registering the boys when I saw that they actually have a league for Pee Wee (ages 4-5) tackle football.  I’m all hard core, but that’s just nuts.  Hope I’m not offending anyone here.  I just figure we have plenty of time to break growth plates.  My boys won’t be playing tackle anything until high school (and Luke never…doctor’s orders!)  Whew.

They were all thrilled to bound out the door tonight for practice.  I’ll admit, being down two kids is nice.  Especially when the three remaining don’t fight.  I’ll get some photos posted soon.  Been a little chatty, haven’t I?

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