Van / Table Talk

Here lately, the kids have been cracking – me – up with their conversations amongst themselves.  Just last week, here’s how one went between the two boys.

JP:  Will, what’s that stuff that we used in Art Camp?
W:  The white stuff?

JP:  Yeah, the stuff that looks like milk.
W:  Oh, that’s paper meche.

JP:  Well, it might look like milk, but don’t drink it.  That’s what our teacher said.  I wonder what would happen if you drank it.  You’d probably die.
W:  Yeah, your veins would fill up with it.

JP:  What are veins?
W:  They are those purple things on your arms.  You have arteries, too.  I bet it would fill those up too.

JP:  Yeah, and then you’d die.  Guess I better not drink it.

Boys.  Who woulda thunk it?

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