The Dental Adventure

For the last three years running, I’ve made it a habit to schedule the family dentist visits all at the same time.  It’s really just about practicality.  For one, I have zero brain cells left.  So, to remember six (soon to be seven) visits would be insane.  Well, I might remember them, but I would never get us all there on time, that’s for sure.

When I go, I don’t just schedule six months in advance.  Nope, I schedule a year out, too.  It ensures we get the time we want and all kids can be seen at the same time.  Hey, it only took me a few years to figure that out!

Our biggest hurdle was getting Will prepared for the first dentist visit and x-ray.  After that, we’ve always had a sibling to “look up to” so to speak, and it’s been easy breezy ever since.  I love our dentist.  She has the cutest stinkin’ office around.  Dr. Kelsey knows who we are (hard to forget the family with five kids, right?) and always remembers what went on with our family since the last visit.  The hygenists are incredibly patient and kind and way too complimentary of my kids’ behavior.  To be honest, I’ll be sad when my kids outgrow the flatscreens on the ceiling, the special toy for good behavior and the t-shirt after two visits of good scores on brushing and flossing.  It’s definitely kid-friendly.  But, the folks that work there actually enjoy working there.  Hooray for that perk.

You know you’ve found a winner when you announce at the breakfast table that it’s dentist day and the kids erupt in applause and screams of joy.

Another visit with the dentist down…only 136 more to go!


  1. Indiana Elephant on July 14, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Hurray for good dentists! Ours is Dr. Bozic and we call him the "kid whisperer" because not only can he get toddlers not to bite without raising his voice, but a child on the autism spectrum to be checked out sans meltdown. Glad your appointment went well! We're still praying for all of you.

  2. Verdina Louisa on July 14, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Oh, my gosh! How do you do it… and maintain your sanity and sense of humor?

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