Fun Weekend

Our weekend started a little early as Scott took the day off and we headed to Dallas for three big events:  to get Luke’s new helmet wrapped, to celebrate Granny’s 65th birthday and to spend some time with Uncle Cory, Aunt Jennifer and nephew Alex.

I’ll have photos and the story up tomorrow about Luke’s helmet experience.  See this post 🙁  We borrowed my brother’s camera so we’re a little slower than usual about getting photos downloaded, then uploaded.  Hang tight.

One of the best things about the weekend is that we left almost half of Team Whitaker with super aunt and uncle.  They were on girl duty and I’m not sure how quiet it was at their house, but with all boys here in A-town, it was incredibly quiet.  In fact, Will’s comment was, “Boy, I sure don’t miss the girls’ screaming, Mom.”

On Friday, just before we left, we celebrated my MIL’s birthday in style at Maggiano’s.  That was some good eats.  I don’t think Carla stopped smiling all night 🙂

Because we were down two kids, we made a fun day of Saturday and took the boys to Homeslice.  Oh my heavens.  Why, oh why, has it taken us so long to eat here?  Holy smokes folks, that is some authentic New York pizza.  Our waiter was a real character and when the boys all abandoned me to head to the car, he was sweet enough to bring me a complimentary cookie so I could “prolong my happiness” and enjoy the peace and quiet.  Yeah, he got a nice tip.  After eating a slice of heaven, we headed across the street and enjoyed a little candy, compliments of Big Top.  If you’re into sugar, you might like this place.  My boys lit up like light bulbs when we walked in the door.  Or, as Will said, “This is the greatest day of my life.”

I love kids.  They put it all into perspective, don’t they?

We met up with girls and Uncle C and Aunt J in Waco on Sunday and did the kid exchange.  It was super fun to see them.  We can’t wait until their visit next month!

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  1. Kelley on July 19, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    after reading your post, we did the same thing for lunch today!! i had been to Home Slice, but didn't know about Big Top. The boys loved it!!!

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